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Kashmir Obersves Black Day on India’s Independence Day

Kashmir, the lush green valley of snow-peaked mountains observes the 71st Indian independence day as a Black Day. People of the valley are conveying a message to the international community on how India is stifling the voices of resistance.

Black Day In Kashmir

According to media reports, Joint Resistance Leadership that comprises the leaders like Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, and Yasin Malik, has called for the Black Day. There is a complete strike in the valley as schools and shops are closed.

Indian Army’s Brutality In Kashmir

India has deployed its army and paramilitary troops in Kashmir in the name of security. Indian army is reportedly involved in human rights violations and curbing the voices of resistance. Kashmiris who are fighting the state for their right of self-determination are facing the brutality of Indian army from several decades. Each time the freedom fighters become active, the military comes up with new strategies of violence to victimize the activists. In the recent years after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, the young freedom fighter, pro-freedom factions in Kashmir have become more reactionary. Consequently, the Indian Army is becoming cruel more than ever by indulging in gross violation of human rights.

Last year, Indian army invited massive uproar from the international community for tying up a Kashmiri youth with Jeep as a human shield and throwing stones and pellet guns on protestors, making many of them blind. Given such cruel treatment of Indian army with Kashmiris, it is inevitable for the people to mark Indian independence day as a Black Day.

Kashmir As a Metaphor of Unresolvable Dispute

Kashmir is a major conflict between the neighboring state of India and Pakistan. Both countries got independence from the British rule together. Despite sharing the same historical and cultural heritage, both these states have never remained like friendly neighbors. British after leaving the sub-continent left Kashmir as disputed territory between the new countries. In 1948, Pakistan succeeded in getting a portion of Kashmir with the help of an armed struggle. But, still, a significant part of the Muslim majority Kashmir remained with India, after the ceasefire. Several United Nations resolutions guide India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir dispute according to the will of its people. But, India is not willing to give its people the right to self-determination. The state is violating the human rights of Kashmiris. Therefore, to protest against Indian army’s atrocities in the valley, the Kashmiri people celebrate the 15th August, the day of India’s independence as a Black Day.

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