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Kashmir Day: How to Show Solidarity with Kashmiri People

Pakistan celebrates Kashmir Day on February 5 of each year, to observe solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir. Jamaat-e-Islami, a right wing political party in Pakistan proposed, the idea to celebrate Kashmir day in 1990.

The Kashmir issue is so grave in nature that it has become a metaphor of an ‘impossible solution’. There are so many United Nations’ resolutions that guide to solve the issue according to will of Kashmiri People. Despite this, the dispute continues to remain a reason of conflict between India and Pakistan.

On the eve of Kashmir day, Pakistanis who pledge to show solidarity with Kashmiri people must be thinking of a potential solution of the Kashmiri people’s sufferings at the hand of Indian army. Before, their talks turn out to be in favour of the slogans like “Kashmir Bany Ga Pakistan” (Kashmir will become Pakistan), they need to have an in-depth insight of the matter.

Kashmir is the ‘Conflict’ between India and Pakistan

Kashmir is not merely a conflict zone between India and Pakistan. The state plays a defining role in nature of relationship between the two countries. The issue has been a cause of three major wars in 1948, 1965 and 1999. Unfortunately, Pakistan lost most of its battlefield encounters, including the unfortunate 1971 war that led to the loss of its Eastern Wing.

Kashmir Solidarity DayApart from these major wars, there is a history of skirmishes on LoC (Line of Control) between Indian and Pakistani army that has resulted many military and civilian casualties on both sides of the border. Every time, when a new encounter at the disputed border takes place, the state of ‘good’ relationship between both the countries falls in jeopardy. Further, both Pakistan and India are a nuclear power. So, an inability to resolve the Kashmir dispute that leads to deterioration of relations between two countries, can endanger the peace and stability in South Asia region.

Kashmiris Right of Self Determination

The Kashmir day, demands people must have a look at ground realities, before they talk about independence of Kashmiri people. In Kashmir issue, there are three parties to the conflict; India, Pakistan and people of Kashmir. Unfortunately, India and Pakistan, in their struggle to get a complete control of Kashmir, think of this state, as a mere piece of land. Political leadership in India and Pakistan uses the phrase “Right to Self-Determination” for Kashmiri people, in purely political context. It is a bitter reality that political parties in India and Pakistan very often exploit Kashmir issue for their personal gains. Further, both the conflicting countries seem to be interested in the land of Kashmir. Briefly, the egoistic approach and personal interests of India and Pakistan are making people of Indian occupied Kashmir suffer miseries.

Showing Solidarity with Kashmiri People on Kashmir Day

People of Pakistan, and those who dare to raise their voice against human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir, must realize on thing. The right to self-determination of Kashmiris means, that Kashmiri people have right to decide their own fate. The only solution of the Kashmir issue is one that appeases the people of valley and not the governments of the conflicting parties. Hence, there should be an arrangement to conduct a free and fair plebiscite that allows Kashmiri people to choose what they think is good for them. So, the best way to show solidarity with Kashmiri people, on Kashmir day is by standing for their right to self-determination.

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