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Ban on Kashmiri Dress Revoked After Social Media Users Endorse Pheran

Education department in Kashmir revoked a ban on Kashmiri dress, after social media users protested by sharing their pictures in Pheran. 

According to media reports a circular issued on December 11, stated that officials were advised to visit in proper dress code and no one will visit the office in Pheran and traditional trousers.

Pheran is a long coat or robe worn by Kashmiri men and women, usually in winter season. 

Social Media Users Endorsing Kashmiri Dress Pheran

The order followed an outcry on social media and users protested by sharing their pictures on Pheran. 

In fact, most of the Kashmiris saw their news feeds flooded with Pheran.

They came out in robust defense of their cultural dress.

They even shared the pictures of their cats and Prime Minister Modi in Pheran.

It was even Batman’s wear choice…

It seemed that most people deemed Kashmiri dress ban as cultural onslaught.

Few users were right to point out that Pheran is a winter dress and there was no point to ban this dress on peak of the season.

And, some pictures were really cute. Protest on Kashmiri dress ban aside, looking at bright colored and hand embroidered pheran were indeed a treat.

Social media users also shared how they had been proudly wearing this dress since childhood and loved it. 

Why Ban Pheran Why Not Pallet Guns…?

Kashmiris are suffering the brutality of Indian armed forces for more than seven decades. In their struggle to fight for their right of self-determination they have been a victim of serious human rights abuse. The images of Kashmiri youth tied to an Indian army jeep and citizens receiving the pellet guns are an eye-opener. But, it seems that the government has no solution of curbing the violence rather than inflicting more violence. In fact, it is just busy in creating some non-issues and the ban on Kashmiri dress which was later reversed was one example.

Folks were supporting two causes with one picture. As this social media posts says.

Social Media Outcry Made Officials to Revoke Ban

All those pictures in Kashmiri dress pheran didn’t go in vain. The protest of the people of valley got noticed. According to media reports, the Chief Education Officer later revoked the ban on Pheran. But, this short period of imposition revealed how much Kashmiris own their pheran which proves clothes also reflect cultural identity.

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