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Katie Couric to Leave $10 Million Job at Yahoo

Katie Couric, one of the leading anchors working for Yahoo, is going to quit her post. It will also mean the end of many other online news programs too. The company will continue the work with her on a project to project basis.

The Company on Work of Katie Couric in Yahoo

The senior management of Yahoo believes that she has done an excellent job in the company. She has built a vast portfolio of inspirational work. Furthermore, the company spokesperson said that they were proud of what she did for Yahoo. Therefore, the company as per the spokesperson would keep looking for avenues to work with her in the future.

The Original Deal with the Anchor Person

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s former CEO made a deal with Katie Couric. She came to Yahoo back in late of 2013. She was appointed as Yahoo’s global news anchor, starting her tenure by interviewing Sheen.

Katie Couric to Leave $10 Million Job at YahooKatie Couric had a real passion for digital journalism. She took the opportunity with both hands. It was an effort by the former CEO to change the impression of Yahoo as the go to media destination for advertisers.

What Went Wrong with Katie Couric’s Run at Yahoo?

There is no doubt about her efforts. Furthermore, she was able to interview celebrities like DJ Khalid, and Bill & Melinda Gates. This effort led to an increase in traffic to the site. However, she could not make her work count on Yahoo. The users would find it hard to locate her work on the site. The outlets other than Yahoo had done a better coverage of her work.

Katie Couric About Her Time at Yahoo

The anchorperson said that she is happy about the time she spent at Yahoo. Furthermore, she stated Katie Couric was proud of giving political coverage, anchoring live events, and breaking news. Similarly, she said her video content was able to attract millions because of its high quality. Katie Couric added that she had learned some valuable lessons during her time at Yahoo and would take them with her anywhere she works.

Salary and Perks of Katie Couric at Yahoo

The news anchor person was drawing $10 million a year in cash as well as stocks. Katie Couric came to limelight with her interview of the famous whistleblower Edward Snowden. Her contract got expired back in March, and it was renewed in June this year.

What’s Next for Katie Couric?

She is already running a podcast. The ex-Yahoo anchorperson is writing a scripted drama for Netflix with the name of “Unbelievable.” She is also working with National Geographic on her documentary “Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric.”

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