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Kevin Pietersen names M Asif Best Bowler Faced

Now, this seems to be something out of the blue, like that quick bouncer your never expected as a batsman. Kevin Pietersen, the former captain of England named Muhammad Asif as the best bowler he ever faced. Muhammad Asif’s career took a scary turn with that fateful match with England several years ago. Muhammad Asif had a comeback on the domestic level. However, he is yet to taste the international cricket return.

In 2006, Kevin Pietersen was removed for a duck at the Oval. Oval is one of those grounds where Pakistan decide for forfeit a match after allegations of ball tampering.

What did Kevin Pietersen have to say?

Here is what Kevin Pietersen said, “The best bowler I faced was Mohammad Asif, the bowler from Pakistan who got done for [spot]-fixing. Probably not a bad thing because he tormented a lot of batters. Just his ability to make a batsman feel like a ball was accelerating off the wicket in different directions

Why is this admission of not any use?

Well, it is already too late to realise that KP was challenged by Muhammad Asif because unless there happens a miracle, he is not coming back anytime soon. Although that itself is debatable where Muhammad Asif should play after Muhammad Amir has already been allowed to start playing.

What if Muhammad Asif makes a comeback?

Muhammad Asif the Pakistani best bowler.

Well, to be honest, and fair, Muhammad Asif’ domestic performance has been very good. If Muhammad Amir can be given a chance so can Muhammad Asif be given a second review?

Pakistan has traditionally been a very strong bowling unit. The two Ws, Wasim and Waqar have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat many times. Pakistan cricket fans still remember how Wasim and Waqar would destroy the tail end of any cricket team in a span of few overs. Pakistan’s recent performance in Australia and elsewhere clearly shows that we do not have that strong a bowling attack which we used to have. Well, if Muhammad Asif is given a chance, maybe he could prove to be that lethal swinger of the bowl both ways which he used to be.

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