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Keyless Cars A Step Forward or A Just Another Way to Make Money

Keyless cars by many are a step forward, but recent police data suggest otherwise. The number of car theft is slowly on the rise and thieves prefer to steal the keyless cars the most.

What Is Keyless Cars System

The new keyless cars are the new industry standards. They are considered to be more user-friendly while meeting all the safety requirements  and above all they advertised as harder to steal.

The keyless car system is an electronic system introduce by car manufacturers to tackle the conventional problems car owners faced, ie key jammed in a car door. The system can be operated while at a distance from the car to open or close it. Such vehicles have a push-button ignition system unlike the old mechanical system; giving users a facility to use a push button for starting their cars.

Many top line car manufacturer like jaguar or Rolls-Royce have already rolled out car models that have this feature.

Why Keyless Cars Are So Easy to Steal?

Keyless system cars require a FOB or keyless car remote to open or close the car. A person can also unlock the car just by approaching the car door with the fob in his or her pocket and unlock the  car.

Experts say to steal a keyless car is child’s play. You don’t need any complex tool system or heavy machinery. All you need is a FOB range extender. Which tricks the system into thinking the car owner is nearby tricking the system into opening the car. Here by allowing the car thief to drive off quickly.

With the number of keyless cars increasing the number of theft involving them are sure to increase,  as Predators will choose to thief these vehicles for being an easy prey.

What Does Industry Think of this Problem?

The car industry incorporating keyless technology into their car say that they are fixing the problem and have encouraged car owner that this is just a small bump in the road. Owners with keyless cars say they bought those cars thinking they are safe and are surprised at how easy it is to steal the vehicle.

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