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Khali the Killer Gets Uploaded on YouTube Mistakenly

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment just committed a mistake that many fans would love entertainment companies to repeat. Yes, the media company accidentally uploaded an entire movie on YouTube instead of its trailer.

Sony Uploading Khali the Killer on YouTube

On Tuesday, July 3, Sony Entertainment mistakenly uploaded the full-length movie Khali the Killer. The company meant to upload a Red-Band trailer but ended up offering viewers the whole film to watch.

According to media reports, Khali the Killer remained on Youtube for 6 hours and garnered almost 11,000 views. The company later took the film down from YouTube, but it proved to be a free treat for movie lovers.

Film Didn’t Make it To Cinema

Khali the Killer never became a theatrical release, rather it was direct to video. The film was available on DVD and also to rent on YouTube.

The film features the story of a hitman who later develops empathy for the victims but this job for the last time for his personal reasons. The film also doesn’t have reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. John Mathews has directed and written the film, while Richard Cabral has played the lead role of Hitman. But the fact that the 90 minutes video garnered almost 11,000 views proves how much hit the movie could have been otherwise.

Was It Really A Mistake?

According to the media reports Sony Entertainment has not commented on all this episode. But, it is quite possible for channels whether they are run by individual users or proper media companies to make such mistakes. If the company releases the film on YouTube then it will be a third party release for Khahli The Killer. And, the movie will make its way to the streaming media through official channels.

Well, there is no lack of fans who love to see the mysterious lives of hitmen and stories that depict their psyche. No wonders, that film’s mistaken upload has garnered these much views.

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