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Pakistani Entrepreneur Invents Khan Meter to Track Imran Khan’s Performance

All eyes are set on Imran Khan as he is likely to be the next prime minister of Pakistan after his party got lead in national assembly as a result of general elections 2018. In his party’s 100 days agenda Khan made many promises to bring reforms in Pakistan. Now, people are looking whether next prime minister will succeed in delivering what he has promised or not. A Pakistani entrepreneur whose name is Salman Saeed has come up with a website known as Khan Meter that will measure Imran Khan’s performance in the first 100 days.

How Khan Meter Will Work

Khan meter will measure PTI government’s performance in its early 100 days. The meter will track how much Imran Khan has succeeded in delivering his promises. It will monitor the performance of the government in the fields of health, federation, government, security, society, water and agriculture. The website will look for the number of promises that have been fulfilled, the number of tasks which are in progress and the number of tasks which are not initiated. Meter will reportedly use 42 indicators to measure the performance of PTI government’s 100 days plan.

When Will Khan Meter Start Working

Khan meter has not started working yet. It will initiate tracking the progress of 100 days agenda after PTI government takes Oath. It is something that will monitor the promises. The new government is facing  a lot of challenges in various sectors particularly economy and foreign policy. It needs to come up with concrete promises rather than merely relying on the mighty claims. Hence, a mechanism was required to measure how much government succeeds in to overcome the challenges and deliver what it has promised to the public. Till now, it is not sure if Khan meter will act as a precise measure and point out towards the problems and hurdles that may bar the government from meeting the goal that it has set for its first 100 days.


Khan meter might be the first of its kind in Pakistan, but the concept is no alien to the international world. In the United States, they came up with Obamameter that measured  President Barack Obama’s performance about promises he made to the public. The meter tracked the promises that Obama fulfilled, compromised and broken. Usually, it is not always possible for political parties to deliver all they have promised within the initial days of the rule. But, their priorities during those days can give a glimpse of how the government will work for the rest of its tenure.

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