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PM Imran Khan Gets Slammed for Giving Khusro Bakhtiar Another Ministry

Amidst coronavirus panedmic a fresh corruption scandal in Pakistan is making headlines. An inquiry report related to the sugar and wheat crisis in Pakistan named few high-profile government officials, businessmen and politicians. The crisis alarm also prompted PM Imran Khan to shake-up his cabinet with only a few additions and portfolio changes. This shake-up was still not able to clean contaminated officials including Khusro Bakhtiar, whose actions are strongly linked with the crises as per the released or (as some say) leaded report.

Khusro Bakhtiar Rewarded with an Important Ministry Instead of Facing Punisment

The most notable change was the position of Federal Minister for Food and Security. It was held by Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar before he was replaced by Syed Fakhar Imam. Soon after his resgnation due to his alleged involvement in sugar crisis Bakhtiyar was appointed as Federal Minister for Economic Affairs. 

This decision of PM Imran Khan is also slammed on social media just like his decision to praise the Quarantine Facility on Taftan Border. PM Imran Khan again attracted heat for promoting the status of an accused instead of punishing him.

Other Changes in Cabinet Shake-Up

Hammad Azhar was appointed as Federal Minister for Industries

Babar Awan replaced Mohammad Shahzad Arbab as an adviser to PM on Parliamentary Affairs

Amin-ul-Haq as Federal Minister for Telecom

Azam Sawati as Federal Minister for Narcotics Control

The resignation of Khalid Maqbool Siddique as Federal Minister was accepted

Social Media Slams PM Imran Khan for Making Khusro Bakhtiar Minister of Economics Affair

The previous Federal Minister for Economic Affairs was Hammad Azar, who is now made the Federal Minister for Industries.

Jahangir Tareen whose efforts made independent candidates join PTI after 2018 elections is considered a close friend of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Now when his name is being associated with a corruption scandal people are wondering in which direction the relationshop of Imran-Jahangir duo is moving and what is next for the government that doesn’t have really sound electoral basis to rule considering ruling party’s member-mix.

According to critics, within two years Khusro Bakhtiyar has changed 3 ministries. This has caused social media users question his ability as any kind of minister.

This swing is indirectly mocking PM Imran Khan for considering such a person as ethical for this position.

The new and improved cabinet members are related with the blunt knives because of their unethical conducts that triggered sugar and wheat crises.

This twitteratie is referring to the inquiry report that also mentioned Bakhtiar’s name in the sugar scandal.

It is indeed a laughing matter because PM Imran Khan gave Khusro Bakhtiar a higher position after observing his resignation.

Citicis argue that what Prime Minister did with Bakhtiyar is a reward for committing corruption and resignation.

The Sugar And Wheat Corruption

On 4th April, the reports of the sugar and wheat crisis revealed Jahangir Khan Tareen, Khusro Bakhtiar, and Monis Elahi of PML-Q, involved in a sugar and wheat crises for their companies were directly or indirectly beneficiary. The PM ordered to make the reports public because there will be a serious charge against those found involved regardless of their political affiliation but nothing like this happened.

According to media reports, the PM and inquiry committee received threats of dire circumstances if the reports were made public.

Moreover, after the report was made public, a PTI member tweeted that Jahangir Tareen was replaced due to his name being mentioned again in the corruption.

In response, Jahangir Khan Tareen totally denied to even have any links with the task force.

This government seems to be not even synchronized and constantly stirring confusion. The situation is making people to  keep on arguing and fighting each other over governments’ decisions. Public is still waiting for iconic changes from Imran Khan rather than ironic changes. Because, it seems like his definition of corruption changes when some specific people are concerned.

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