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K- Pop Singer Kim Jae Joong Faces Backlash for April Fool’s Prank

K-pop singer Kim Jae joong announced on his instagram that he had tested positive for novel coronavirus on 1st April.

According to media reports Kim Jae joong had revealed the news on his 1.9 million followers worth of instagram account that he was hospitalized after contracting COVID-19. He told that he hadbeen infected with novel coronavirus due to the negligence and lack of precautionary measures by government, family and friends.

Upon this news the singer’s agency C-Jes Entertainment responded and told that they were checking to confirm the news about Kim’s health condition as the singer was currently in Japan.

After 50 minutes, the star edited the social media post and told that he had gone too far with April fool’s day prank and he thanked his fans and followers who had been worried about his health.

Kim Jae Joong Apologized for His Stupid Joke

34 years old K-pop singer Kim Jae joong known as JJ posted the apology note on his instagram account. He had apologized for his bad judgment and disturbance in their administrative work because of him, he also asked for forgiveness from the people who had already suffered from COVID-19. He added that he apologized to government agencies, doctors who were working so hard to defeat coronavirus.

He is the member of Korean pop group JYJ and was the formal members of boy band TVXQ.

Fans Criticized Kim Jae Joong on His April Fool’s Day Prank

Coronavirus disease is no more laughing matter for most of the people. The prank about COVID19 brought embarrassment in K-pop star’s life.

After the post by star the “Jae joong” and “Jae joong april fool prank” become top trend on social media according to South Korean portal Naver.

Fans criticized Jae joong who used coronavirus pandemic as a fun stuff

Folks considered this joke a lame prank for April fool’s day

He was just called dubmb for his act.

Criticts s think that  coronavirus pandemic is growing very fast around the world and the number of infected people is increasing daily only because of ignorant people like Jae joong who are not taking this seriously.

Jeff Benjamin K-Pop Columnist at billboard criticized Kim Jae joong on giving coronavirus awareness like this 

Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s reaction

According to media reports, The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that they were observing the matter in order to punish the Kim Jae joong. As per South Korean law the person convicted of deceiving state agencies or officials may face heavy fine along with a jail term of 5 years.

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