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Kim Jong Un Reportedly Transfers Partial Authority To His Sister

One of the world’s most popular dictator, Kim Jong Un has reportedly handed part of his power over to her sister, Kim Yo Jong. BBC correspondent from Seoul tweeted that the news was confirmed by an Intelligence Agency of South Korea.

As per media reports, the meeting between North and South Korean executives took place behind closed doors. According to the lawmakers of South Korea, Yo Jong is now responsible for directing the overall affairs of the state. He stressed that Jong Un still holds absolute power but his sister is now officially second in command. The supreme leader has also delegated some power to his close advisers. He has been ruling the isolated nation since 2011.

Why Kim Jong Un Delegated The Authority?

This move stirred some controversy about many things including the health of Kim Jong Un. Many wondered if the dictator was going to die in real time. Previously, the world reacted with joy on the rumors of his alleged death.

Apparently the supreme leader was just sharing power to relieve himself of some of the responsibilities. Reportedly he was stressed about multiple state affairs and wanted to avoid policy failures. He said the country faces inevitable economic turmoil in the future for which he is planning a healing program. North Korea is suffering from coronavirus crises and heavy rains that have hurt the economy severely. Jong Un bluntly admits his shortcomings in handling economic affairs which brought his sister into the equation.

More Power To You, Sister

Kim Yo Jong has repeatedly raised her voice on the issues regarding South Korea and even threatened to destroy the joint liaison office in Kaesung. According to the reports, that office literally blew up following the threat

She is considered the most powerful woman in North Korea. Some even regard her power higher than the supreme leader. According to numerous experts, her high-rising profile is a part of carefully crafted publicity campaign by the media to indicate that she has been groomed for something huge.

Is Kim Jong Un Too Unfit To Rule The North?

Kim Jong Un is usually under fire for being too unfit for running a country like North Korea. The criticism is directed towards his unhealthy lifestyle which reportedly caused him a coma. Critics deemed him incapable of possessing the power that he flaunts.

They also denied the reassurance by NIS (National Intelligence Service- South Korea) about the health condition of the dictator. He has been absent from various public appearances this year allegedly due to bad health. Moreover, the allegations of heavy smoking and drinking under duress does not help his credibility or longevity if it’s true.

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