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Kim Kardashian vs. Meghan Fox: Who is More Famous?

There is hardly any day when tabloids around the globe don’t have something to say about Kim Kardashian or Meghan Fox. Kim who is often supposed to be “famous and rich for doing nothing” usually remains controversial for her personal life issues. She started off her career as a stylist of Paris Hilton and got mainstream attention for a leaked sex tape with her boyfriend Ray J.

Meghan Fox, the Transformer actor, is also more famous for her hot and curvy body rather than her talent. But actress still seems to have made some genuine contribution as compared to Kim Kardashian.

Do these Celebs deserve a Legit Fame?

Well, the question is not about whether Kim Kardashian and Meghan Fox are enjoying a legit fame. It is also not about whether both these celebrities should get mainstream attention in the time when relative poverty, global warming, terrorism and climate change seem to be more severe issues. Let’s leave this debate to future.

For fans who are obsessed with Kim Kardashian and Meghan Fox, here is an overview of who is more famous among them.

Kim Kardashian’s Fan Following


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If Social media is to be used as the parameter of measuring popularity, then Kim Kardashian is more famous than Meghan Fox. She has got more than 105 million Instagram followers, which is indeed a significant number. The reality TV stars, who got an increase in fan following for TV Show, Keeping Up with Kardashians remains in social media for what she is up to in her personal life. Kim along with her husband Kenye West, also criticized Taylor Swift on her Record Breaking Spree. Her curvy body remains a matter of heated debate rather than her personality. No lack of online content discusses whether Kim has got a real or Fake Bum.

So, the woman has offered some genuine issues to keep her fans in general and social media users in particular, worried about the secret behind her bum.

Meghan Fox Fan Following

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Yes, Meghan Fox is no Gal Gadot whose Wonder Woman did wonders on Box Office. She is also enjoying fame mainly due to her hot appearance. Los Angeles Times described the actress as a sex symbol of the highest order. Her charming smile and adorable look make her appear more innocent than Kim Kardashian. But, it seems that Transformer actress has way fewer controversies for staying in the news. She must be famous among the Hollywood fans who want to look an onscreen amalgam of talent and beauty. On Instagram, Meghan Fox has hardly 4.9 million followers, which are way much lesser than Kim.

Final Verdict

So, who is more famous, Kim Kardashian or Meghan Fox?

Meghan might have some real credits during her acting career, but her fan following might not be as vast as that of Kim. The actress is also far behind making click bait headlines for social media users. So, Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly more famous.

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