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Kingdom Allowed Saudi Women to Drive

Finally, the last country on Earth allows Saudi women to drive. Yes, you heard that right, Saudi Arabia is the last country to have allowed Saudi women to drive. However, before you start celebrating, the Saudi women can drive by the mid of next year.

Saudi Women to Drive – The Right Thing to Do

We know the number of activists who went to jail for advocating Saudi women’s drive to drive in Saudi Arabia. However, it is finally happening that Saudi women can legally drive in their country. The announcement comes after a continuous struggle by the Saudi women who were defying the driving ban.

The announcement comes after an ongoing yearlong effort to get rid of the ban on Saudi women’s driving. However, the lifting of the ban on Saudi women driving comes at a risk. The government fears it may be irking the religious conservatives. The decision comes after a major drive by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to bring reforms in the country.

Implementation of the Saudi Royal Decree on Women Driving

The new decision will ultimately implement the decision taken by the country. It would mean applying the rules of regulating traffic rules for men and women to be equal. The decree gives the implementation date as June 2018.

The mixed gender celebration just took place days before the announcement allowing Saudi women to drive. It was the first Saudi national day when women were also part of the celebrations. The step, as the political analysts believe, attempts to show a reformed image of Saudi Arabia to the world. Perhaps, to demonstrate the world that Saudi Arabia does offer equal opportunities to men and women to progress in life. Even the celebrations of the national day included men and women dancing together in streets. Scenes which are starkly different from how Saudi Arabia is perceived as one of the most conservative countries in the world.

Kingdom Allowed Saudi Women to Drive

Besides celebrations, the women were also allowed to attend a musical concert. It is an attempt to incorporate the vision of the KSA leadership of bringing economic and social reforms under the “Vision 2030”.

Many women have struggled in the past to give the right of driving to Saudi women. Among others, Manal Al-Sharif was ahead and even giving Ted Talk to share her viewpoint. She was among the first few Saudi women to come out to get their right to drive. Finally, Manal Al Sharif will be happy that her struggle succeeded and she was able to empower the Saudi women to get their right to drive.

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