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Why Indian Nationalists Are Leaving Twitter For Koo App?

A large number of Indian Twitter users are bragging about the Koo App Some even announced to gladly kick Twitter aside and join Koo like many others. There have been over 3 million downloads in 24 hours including some high-profile figures and government officials. A popular opinion is that Indian PM Narendra Modi and his Bhakt brigade have grown tired of the critics on Twitter. In an attempt to stay away from international condemnation, they might have decided to carry on their agenda at another place. A journalist has explained it as a win-win situation in a sarcastic manner:

It is a win for Twitter users because they will not have to face the nationalist rant from government officials and its supporters. The Indian government is not only in a spat with farmers but also with Twitter as well. When people bashed the social media giant for complying with the Indian government’s orders to ban farmers’ accounts, Twitter restored the which might have made the government and its supporters furious.

What Is Koo App And Why It Was Launched?

Koo is also a social media platform like Twitter but its extremely Indian nationalist. Government officials promoted this app as an answer to Twitter, which particularly caters to non-English speaking Indians. This is the major selling point of this app because maximum 10% of Indians know how to speak English. Aprameya Radhakrishna is the Koo app founder, who launched the app in March 2020. He said that since large population of India does not speak English, this app will make their voices heard. Rest of the country is concerned about the peace and harmony on twitter which has been disrupted by Indian misinformation agenda.

EU recently exposed a massive network, through which Indian agencies were spreading disinformation around the globe. They are doing same with protesting farmers; by pushing various controversy theories. One of these theories were that farmers were terrorist aiming to disbalance the government. A popular Bollywood actress, Kangna Ranaut was also using this narrative while undermining the urgency of famers’ issues. Her nationalist spirit is excited to move to Koo and her opposers would be equally excited to watch her go.

Supporters Of Indian Government Leave Twitter

Apart from Kangna, many other celebrities joined the list to defend the nationalist narrative against farmers. Their tweets were identical and seemed like some higher power has asked them to say such things. Indian actors like Farah Khan and Taapsee Pannu slammed them for ignoring farmers’ protest in a heartless way.

The public has not yet forsaken big Bollywood celebrities and cricketers for supporting the government’s narrative over farmers’ plight. Some have already shifted from twitter faster than Koo app download rate. Those who remain on Twitter might be waiting for a call from higher up again.

One celebrity came out with the announcement that he has joined Koo. It was none other than Adnan Sami, who is often mocked as a secret agent of Pakistan’s ISI. Of course, he is one of the very first Indians in the Koo network and now inviting his followers as well.

In August 2020, Indian government held an AtmnaNirbhar App Innovation Challenge, which Koo won. Some Indians shared concern about why the government was pushing this app for a long time. It could decide to ban twitter in India while forcing the citizens to use this app created by Indian developer, who sides with the government’s agenda.

Connection With China And Security Concerns

A strange fact surfaced while the public was investigation Koo app on social media. They shared various articles suggesting that a Chinese developer Shunwei had invested in a project named Vokal, that answered queries in all Indian languages for non-English users.

The CEO claimed that this Chinese company will exit the project soon, but the public is curious that how Indian Government can collaborate with China after banning Tik Tok and sharing military conflict on borders.

So, a hacker took matter into his own hands and dug up a shocking revelation from beneath the surface of Koo. He showed an example that some vital user information was being leaked to somewhere.

The founder argued that the hacker has only showed what the user has already written in her profile. However, the hacker showed another example to prove that the founder was lying. He showed that the information showing in the console was included in the profile page of that user.

Besides the Chinese investor, Koo also has few Indian companies including 3one4 Capital, Blume Ventures, and Kalaari Capital as investors. Collectively, they have raised more than 4 million USD capital reportedly.

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