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Is Kristen Stewart Right Choice to Play Princess Diana In Her Biopic?

Kristen Stewart has gotten the opportunity to play the iconic character of Princess Diana in a film. It will be directed by oscar-nominated Pablo Larrain who has made exceptional films like Gloria, No, and Jackie. The film will focus on the split between Diana and Prince Charles.

Diana Frances Spencer was born in 1961 to the 8th Earl Spencer of London. She attended private schools and then worked as a nanny/ cook/ kindergarten teacher. Diana and Prince Charles were married in 1981 and got separated in 1992. The divorce was finalized in 1996.

Daina met her untimely demise in a mysterious car crash in 1997 and Charles married his old flame Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005. Diana’s maiden name “Spencer” will be the film’s title and the shooting will start in 2021.

Why Is Kristen Stewart Playing The Role Of Diana?

Twilight starlet, Kristen Jaymes Stewart has many accolades to her name including multiple MTV, People’s, Teen and BAFTA Rising Star awards. She is also the first American actress to win a French Cesar Award. Surprisingly Director Larrain did not choose her for any of the accolades. He thinks that it was important to choose Stewart for this film and the role.

The film will tell how Diana realized over just one weekend that her marriage was over. This is a story about identity and revolves around a woman who somehow decides that she does not want to be a queen. She wanted to be the same person she was before marrying Prince Charles. To achieve this, one important factor that the film needs is: mystery.

Lorrain thinks that Kristen Stewart is one of the great actors of  today and embodies what is required for the film. According to Lorrain, she can be multiple things at the same time, she is very fragile, very mysterious, and ultimately very strong. He was impressed by finding the combination of all these things in Stewart and the way she was approaching the character. He thinks that she is like a force of nature and going to do something really stunning in the film.

What Do Fans Think of Stewart As Diana?

Apparently the fans do not share the same faith as the director. They have ridiculed the actress and condemned this choice by the director.

Many already knew how much hate will be thrown at Stewart’s way so they rushed to check social media if she’s ok

They do not think that Kristen Stewart’s personality is well matched with the charm and charisma of the Lady.

They feel like Princess Diana would also be upset that who these people picked up to portray an icon like her

They do not believe her ability to do expressions will deliver justice to the character and the importance of this story

Stewart is also criticized for being an American. Movie goers are assuming that she won’t be able to nail the accent of British icon. Nevertheless they will still watch the movie to find other things to criticize.

Some Came To Defend Her

In amidst the criticism, some actually find her intriguing enough to step in the shoes of Princess Diana. Kristen Stewart naturally gives off mysterious vibes that can be crucial for this film.

This one criticized the people instead. He meant that the public was judging her from the twilight film only which she did at the age of 17. They are ignoring the fact that how much Stewart has improved since then. Recently an actor from Twilight was found dead with his girlfriend

One twitter user has advised the British fans to hold their horses till the film comes out. She has defended the hard work of Stewart which is visible in her films in recent years like Seberg, Personal Shopper, and Underwater.

For those who are criticizing Kristen Stewart for having any similarity with the princess then they have to think hard. She knows all about the pain of being followed and stalked by different people.

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