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New Look Of Kumail Nanjiani for The Eternals is Talk Of The Town

Popular actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani received a fair amount of public criticism after muscling up for Marvel’s new project. He got a part in The Eternals, which will be coming in November 2021 reportedly.

The film continues after the events of Avenger’s endgame with ancient superheroes who lived among humans for ages. Kumail got the role of one of these superheroes named Kingo, for which he had to build up his body.

Kumail is the first-ever American actor of Pakistani origin American to receive Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay in 2018.

Kumail Nanjiani Receives Backlash For Having Superhero Like Body

Most critics have body shamed Kumail for having a jacked up look. They even made fun of his face. It normally transforms after intense workout and diet plan. Many suggested that it happens after using steroids to enhance muscles.

The critics were also being offensive by replying under his empathic tweets. Something about Kumail using medical enhancements for a film character kept on bothering many people.

What About Other Popular Actors With Super Body?

It is understandable that humans require enhancements or steroids to achieve a certain level of physical appearance in short time. It is necessary for the film or other media projects but in this society, it is too taboo to admit it openly. So it is ridiculous to body shame the artists for preparing for their job.

Some viewers have reminded the public about other mainstream actors for enhancing their physical appearance before becoming superheroes on screen. Interestingly, they did not receive the flak about steroids like Kumail did. So, it could be the systematic racism issue of America which is not wanting end  .

White skin has become a racial standard for films over the years. Viewers often accepts white actors in the spotlight as compared to people of other color. This difference of public opinion has confused many people. 

Not many films have non-white main characters which may have shaped public opinion about the skin color that deserves the main spotlight. Other colors, especially ethnic south Asian may get mocked for mimicking the other actors, which are often deemed as ‘the original’ in the film world.

Marvel has recently decided to add another Pakistani background actor in its universe after Kumail. Its TV project for 2021, Ms. Marvel stars Iman Vellani in the lead role as the first Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan.

Kumail Nanjiani Explains How He Got Ripped

The actor posted his shirtless picture on Instagram with an elaborate caption.

In a detailed note, he talked about how Marvel has assisted him in physical exercise for The Eternals. He mentioned that he had professional help from trainers and nutritionists who were with him in every step of the process. Therefore, steroids or no steroids, the biggest studio in the world properly prepare their actors physically for their characters.

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