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Kylie Jenner Baby Makes People Remember Climate Change

The rumor was going around that Supermodel Kylie Jenner was pregnant again with rapper Travis Scott, as per media reports. Social media thought that She was expecting her second baby so they could not wait to learn about its name. Kylie named her first daughter Stormi which had given very creative ideas to the viewers. Ever since they have been suggesting different names for the upcoming Kylie Jenner baby without confirming the pregnancy news. These names aligned with the climactic nature of the first one and could be amusing if the model used one of them in real life.

Kylie Jenner Baby Name Becomes Talk of the Town

The moment Kylie’s pregnancy news broke, her followers have taken to social media to share what they thought Kylie would name her next child. They believed that it would be as fancy as Stormi that also paid tribute to the weather events. If the first one was linked with a storm of some kind, then the next one could either be like rain or clouds perhaps.

Some even wanted the unborn to be called a hurricane. It could be because a second Kylie Jenner baby might be like a hurricane for Stormi who arrived to share her inheritance.

Another one with a similar notion but it somehow rhymed with Stormi.

Extreme Weather Events Influencing Human Names

As storms are an extremely disturbing state of Earth’s atmosphere, it can be hard for some to take a name like “Stormi” seriously. Especially after climate change has worsened the effects of storms. So, if Kylie Jenner baby name is all about raising awareness of the climate crisis, then here’s one to address the issue.

There is usually calm before and after the storm so some users believed that Kylie would change the direction. She might be tired of so many storms in her life and might be looking for some calm from now on.

Is She Really Pregnant?

Even though so many enjoyed sharing the possible name for Stormi’s sibling, it turned out that it was all a ruse. According to reports, Kylie’s mother Caitlyn Jenner sparked controversy after stating that she was expecting another grandchild. Viewers were quick to judge that she was talking about Kylie but in fact, it was about her son Burt Jenner, who was expecting his third child with girlfriend Valerie Pitalo. Fans tend to get overly excited after hearing about babies of their favourite people. Last year Elon Musk created an environment of confusion and excitement by revealing his baby name.

Kylie Jenner admitted that she wanted a sibling for Stormi but there was no plan yet. She explained how everyone had been pressurizing her for the second baby but she said that being pregnant at a young age was too much for her and she needed a bit more time before going through that again.

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