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Kylie Jenner Faces Wrath For Not Helping Her Friend’s Surgery

The popular reality TV star, Kylie Jenner received heavy criticism for requesting her followers to donate money to a GoFundMe campaign. Jenner started the fundraiser after her friend and makeup artist, Samuel Rauda suffered a horrible car crash and required brain surgery.

Reportedly, the cost of surgery was up to 60,000 USD out of which Kylie donated 5000 USD. Many argued that her contribution was insignificant, considering how rich she was.

Kylie Jenner Asks Followers To Donate In GoFundMe Campaign

Kylie shared the details on the Instagram story, stating that God may watch over and protect Samuel after what he had gone through. She proceeded to request her audience in taking a moment to say a prayer and “swipe up” to visit the GoFundMe account.

The star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians set an initial goal at $10,000 and then exceeded it after donating 5000 USD after 6000 USD were already pledged. Following her request, the public kept on donating until the fun exploded into 100,000 USD.

Public Hates Kylie Jenner For Exploiting Her Fans Yet Again

The critics have been questioning over an ungenerous amount of Kylie’s donation while her lesser rich followers have donated far more than what was required. Another popular opinion was that Kylie should have helped her make-up artist herself instead of asking her fans.

The opinion was based on the fact that Forbes magazine recognized her as a self-made millionaire. By the way, the magazine was heavily criticized for forgetting to mention that Kylie had immense wealth before even she was born.

Her modeling career has only multiplied her wealth and she was perfectly capable of financing her friend’s surgery with ease. However, she didn’t, which is why some social media users were throwing very hateful comments.

Some even went as far as saying that Kylie might not be a good person as she appeared to most of her followers. Similar criticism was aimed at Kylie Jenner after she launched a 7 USD hand sanitizer and the public argued if she was just taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spending At All The Wrong Places

The majority shared an opinion that Kylie had no problem in spending 15000 USD on a handbag but failed to help her employee. It seemed very strange to some people that a self-proclaimed self-made millionaire was asking the general public for money.

Some users mentioned how rich the whole Kardashian family is. They doubted the reason to start a fundraiser on GoFundMe when her friend required immediate brain surgery.

Kylie Could Have Easily Paid For The Whole Surgery

Followers of Kylie Jenner kept on coming to defend and advertise her ‘sizeable’ donation. Their arguments soon became invalid because the money she donated was almost nothing given her net worth.

Demands Of Healthcare for All

Advocates of Healthcare for All in the US took the opportunity to explain why they have been raising voices for this change in the first place. The majority of workplaces do not provide healthcare benefits for which employees have to bear the mountainous costs of the medical industry. This makes lower or middle-class people, just a commodity for the rich to consume.

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