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Kylie Jenner Hand Sanitizer Faces Criticism for Cashing on Pandemic

Ever the launch of Kylie Jenner hand sanitizer, the supermodel has received a lot of flak and criticism. Last week she announced that this new sanitizer will be a part of his KYLIE SKIN product line and will cost 7 USD plus shipping.

This outrageous price tag for a skin care product during a crippling pandemic was bound to attract heat. According to product description, the product contains 80% alcohol and dries quickly. It also includes glycerin which soothes the skin and protects it from dryness. An equivalent product is available at local drug stores for one or two dollars.

Kylie Jenner Hand Sanitizer Price Makes People Angry

The momager (mother + manager), Kris Jenner also promoted her daughter/client‚Äôs product before its launch on 5th January. This whole family of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has got millions of followers on social media and only Kylie Jenner followers are 244 million and growing. However last year, an egg beat her to top of social media following within 10 days, which gave people something to have fun about. 

And this year they have accused Kylie of cashing in on the pandemic. The economic impact of coronavirus has largely affected the working class. Those who empathize with the sufferers slammed Kylie for offering a mere hand sanitizer at a high price. Folks opined that if she the famous model wanted to help anyone, she could have offered it to poor people for free. Kylie Jenner is one of the richest persons in the world, which is why people expect her to help like other rich people donating to fight the pandemic. Not everyone can afford brands and her choice of niche target market only emphasis discrimination against the poor.

The criticism kept on coming as the world continued to fight the devastating effects of the pandemic. The covid-19 crises has basically stopped most livelihoods, businesses and economies from growing. Labor workers have suffered the worst impact. This is why many have hoped that rich people would become kindlier by now. However, the ambitious capitalism is still prevailing and rich are still worried about getting more rich themselves. 7 dollars for Kylie Jenner hand sanitizer did not impress a lot of people.

Fans Trying To Defend Capitalism

Among the furious crowd, there were also those who defended their beloved model’s business aspirations. One argued that if Kylie was looking for monetary gains in the time of global crises, then mask manufacturers might also be doing the same.

However, the face mask is a mandatory accessory available widely for few cents whereas Kylie’s skincare business is selling it for $14. It can be verified from her brand’s official site.

Some other folks just felt sorry for those who singled out Kylie for criticism. In their view, any business person would find an opportunity to make some money from the pandemic situation. They might not think about poor people at the time but their focus is to make their brand visible in the disturbed market.

Why People Could Not Stand Her Branded Sanitizer

Kylie Jenner has belonged to rich family for which she did not have to do much struggle to earn money. The entire family is famous for their tone-deaf activities even in the pandemic. Kylie Jenner hand sanitizer targeted at rich people, is an example for that.

Her modeling work is her passion more than a monetary source and the majority of her family’s philanthropic efforts include beauty improvisation or enhancement. However, she has reportedly donated 1 million USD to her obstetrician-gynecologist for coronavirus relief efforts.

Yet, most people criticize her for not giving up capitalistic tendencies during the pandemic. They even criticized Forbes magazine for denoting her as a self-made billionaire in 2018, because technically she was not so for already being part of a rich family.

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