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Labour Manifesto Leak of Draft Document

The controversial Labour Manifesto leak created a lot of chaos. The manifesto pledges for the nationalization of the railways, Post Office, and energy sectors.

The draft of Labor manifesto also vows to fund Britain’s health services. The Labour manifesto talks about eliminating tuition fees. The Labour manifesto also points to imposing more taxes on people earning more than £80,000 a year.

Labour Manifesto Focuses More on Health

The new Labour manifesto is focusing more on health. The Labour manifesto says that increase in taxes will help fund the NHS.

The increase in budget, with additional £6 billion per year, will help millions of patients on the waiting list. The funds will also contribute to overcoming issues like shortage of ambulances and GP services. The Labour manifesto looks into A&E awards, hospital closures, and pharmacies.

The party also plans to look into a new program for treating autism. The Labour Manifesto points to reversing of the NHS privatization and repealing the Social Care Act 2012.

The manifesto indicates spending of £8 billion to improve social care and create a better National Care Service. The party intends to spend £250 million each year on improving the children’s health.

Corby’s Day Turns Bad After Manifesto Leak

It is all chaos for Corby. If the Labour manifesto leak was not enough, things went further out of control for him and his party.

First, he stated that there is a need to end the free movement of EU citizens post-Brexit. He had to later chew back his words on free movement of EU citizens after Brexit.

Similarly, on the subject of income disparity in the UK, he first said that he wants to put a limit on the amount of money a person can earn. He further stated that he wants all high paying individuals getting a salary of above £150,000 to be signed by Cabinet Office.

The argument behind his shaky idea was to make sure CEOs paid the same amount of taxes as a cleaner. The confused state of mind by Mr. Corbyn perhaps reflects that he favors retention of the UK’s single market access.

Corby’s car ran over a BBC cameraman’s foot making matters worse. The incident took place when Jeremy Corby was rushing to attend a meeting on Clause V. An ambulance took away the cameraman, named Giles Wooltorton.

The car running over the BBC cameraman belongs to the Scotland Yard. Reports suggest that Scotland Yard is facing an investigation after this incident. The convoy with Jeremy Corbyn did try to avoid cameras, but another cameraman nearby caught all the action.

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