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Lahooti Melo- Can Cultural Festivals Bring Change in Society?

Lahooti Melo, the two days’ music festival held at Hyderabad Club on 3rd and 4th March, offers a sign of hope for emergence of a pluralistic society in Pakistan. This year, dance, poetry music and art were the focal points of the festival that featured performances and discussions by artists and intellectuals.

Lahooti Melo

Saif Samejo the front man of sufi and folk musical band the Sketches is the brain behind Lahooti Melo. The entertaining and cultural festival that celebrates the indigenous folk and sufi music from Pakistan was held for the third year in Hyderabad, a city like Multan that contributed to the Sufi culture of sub-continent. Reports suggest that almost 50 artists across the length and breadth of Pakistan performed at the event. The festival also offered a platform to the musicians and singers from Balochistan and Sindh who otherwise, can’t make big to the mainstream music arena of Pakistan.

 What Panelists Had to Say?

Journalist Wusatullah Khan, actor and singer Khaled Anam, politician Sassui Palijo, Barrister Zamir Ghoomro, literary critic Jami Chandio, drama write Noor ul Huda Shah and other notable names addressed the various sessions. The journalist Wusatullah Khan emphasized upon the need for including the music dance into curriculum.

Saif Samejo also highlighted the significance of music and art for expression against the violence in society. He shared his opinions while talking in reference to the Zainab murder case in Kasur.

Famous drama writer Noor Ul Huda Shah talked about pluralistic culture of the Sindh that promoted the harmony, through its folk dance, music and sufi poetry.

Impact of Lahooti Melo on Pakistani Society

Pakistan is struggling with the peril of extremism from decades. Rampant intolerance and practice of curbing the dissent are the issues that country is facing despite being home to diverse cultural and ethnic groups. Luckily, the land of pure possesses a strong cultural heritage in the form of art, artifacts, music, food, dance, festivities and versaitle ways of living.

But the question is, can such a mere celebration can bring a positive change in Pakistani society. Can it play its role to ward off the extremism and bring tolerance and pluralism in the country? Well, an overview of diverse discussions and music performances at the festival proves that answer is yes.

An event like Lahooti Melo, brings together the artists, musicians and dancers from all over the Pakistan can play an active role in spreading the message of unity and tolerance. It can inevitably make it possible to leverage the art for taking on the issues that are considered a social taboo and that need attention.

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