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Lahore High Court Stops Ban on Cab Services

The cab hailing services in Pakistan went through a wild ride after the Punjab and Sindh Governments showed their inclination of making these services illegal or banning them altogether. The orders were issued first to make them illegal and then came the clarification that Punjab Government will not ban them but instead sort the issue out in 2 weeks’ time.

The uproar by the public made the government rethink of its approach to ban the easily accessible cab services in Pakistan. There was a severe public backlash and Dr. Umar Saif of the PITB had to intervene to clarify the matter. After the public reaction, the advisor to the CM said that the Government and the involved cab service providers will set together to discuss the matter.

The Petition to Stop the Ban

Uber and Careem Cab ServicesOne petitioner, in a bid to stop the government from banning the service reached LHC. The petitioner filed a petition against the barring of the Uber and Careem services operating in Punjab.

The police, while following the orders of the government detained countless cars run by the cab hailing services Uber and Careem. These vehicles were later freed after the explanation given by the Punjab Government.

The petitioner had taken a plea that government needed to stop taking action against the taxi services. LHC listened to the verdict of all parties involved and issued an ad hoc determination saying government cannot take any action against Careem or Uber.

The court gave its verdict saying that cab hailing services like Careem and Uber can continue to operate normally unless both the parties involved were able to sort out their issues related to regulations.

The interior minister also took notice of the matter and asked Federal Police to submit a report, clearly explaining what was wrong with them and which were the issues that prompted the government to take such a drastic action. Minister went on to say that public must not be deprived of such cab hailing services.

The cab hailing services have provided a great secondary option for public transport in a country where there are no reliable means of transport for going from one place to another.

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