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Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Route- Passengers’ Guide

Pakistan’s first metro train service commenced its operations in Lahore on Monday (25th October). Lahore Orange Line Metro Train route has 26 stations including 24 elevated and 2 underground ones. In a highly congested city like Lahore, the new addition to the Mass Transit system has made it possible for passengers to cover 2 and a half hour bus journey to only 45 minutes long train ride.

This massive project reportedly cost around 300 billion PKR (1.8 billion USD) with the help of China. It faced an array of political controversies which delayed its launch.

Lahore Orange Line Metro Project

Members of PML-N Pakistan’s opposition party that takes the credit for accomplishing the project rejoiced the achievement after the Lahore Orange Line Metro finally started. MNA Ahsan Iqbal thanked China for their generosity and did not show much appreciation for PM Imran Khan’s government, who hindered Orange Line’s construction to focus on completing the establishment of Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

Now that the train service has started, many people would want to know about its route, timings, and cost. Orange Line is one of the four public transport routes Punjab Masstransit Authority (PMA) has planned for its Long Term Network.

PMA established each line according to a set priority which started with Green Line, which is popularly known as Metro bus in the city. Second is recently launched train service Orange Line, and other two proposed services are Blue Line and Purple Line.

Destinations And Route Alignment

Following are the stations on which the train stops.

  1. Thokar Niaz Baig
  2. Hanjarwal
  3. Canal View
  4. Wahdat Station
  5. Awan Road Station
  6. Sabzazar Station
  7. Shahnoor
  8. Salahudin Road
  9. Bund Road
  10. Samanabad
  11. Gulshan-e-Ravi
  12. Chauburji Station
  13. Anarkali Station
  14. Central Station
  15. Lakshmi Chowk
  16. Railway Station
  17. Sultanpura
  18. UET
  19. Baghbanpura
  20. Shalimar Gardens
  21. Pakistan Mint
  22. Mehmood Booti
  23. Salamatpura
  24. Islam Park

Orange Line starts from Ali Town, Raiwind Road, and terminates at Dera Gujjran. It stops at the following stations along the way:

The train starts moving from the yard towards first station Ali Town along Raiwand Road and continue towards Thokar Niaz Baig.

Then from Thokar to Chauburji, the route follows Multan road corridor before descending into 1.15 km long underground along Lake Road.

Here it stops at two stations; Anarkali and Central (Lahore GPO).

It then emerges onto McLeod Road towards Lakshmi Chowk’s elevated station.

From there it travels towards Lahore Junction Railway Station before merging onto GT road corridor.

In order to reach Shalimar Garden, the track leaves GT Road for a while and turn around instead because of the mature trees in the garden. It comes back to GT corridor after leaving the premises of Shalimar Gardens.

The train then travels 5.5 km more towards the final destination, Dera Gujjran.

How Much Will The Ride Cost?

Reportedly, the fare per person of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train is 40 PKR (0.25 USD) after CM Usman Buzdar rejected the Transport Department’s request of setting the fare price at 50 PKR (0.31 USD).

PMA expected that more than millions of people in Pakistan will use the facility with daily expectancy of 245,000 passengers. The transport authority also claimed that using the facility will save 60 billion PKR travel cost of passengers per year.

China has also congratulated Pakistan for finally adapting the Metro system in one its most bustling cities.

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