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Lahore PSL Final Tickets – Everything You Need To Know

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif finally made the announcement to end the uncertainty. The final will be played at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Every crazy cricket fan in Pakistan is now searching for PSL final tickets.

PSL Final Tickets and Event Information

Date and Venue of Pakistan Super League 2 Final

5th March 2017 at Qaddafi Stadium Lahore.

Types of Tickets Offered

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Buying Tickets

Pakistan Super League officials have authorized Q Tickets for selling tickets. To buy PSL2 tickets online, go to the given below link.

As of writing this post, the tickets for the match have not been made available.

PSL Final Ticket

Pakistan Super League as an Opportunity

Pakistan cannot host International cricketing events due to the perceived security threats. Pakistan Cricket Team plays all its home matches away from Pakistan in UAE. We need to make sure that final goes smoothly as per plan.

PSL final tickets also need to be fairly distributed. There is a high chance of ticket hoarding. PSL and PCB ensure easy availability of the tickets to all who want to see the match. It is a test case for us a nation which we need to pass with flying colors. We can build our future case for bringing international cricket back to Pakistan if we can safely conduct this match in Lahore.

The Security Threats

Government and law enforcement agencies have promised to make fool-proof security arrangements. They must live up to that promise and leave no stone unturned in safely organizing this match in Lahore. God forbid, if we are not able to deliver this PSL2 safely, we will lose another opportunity of showcasing Pakistan as a safe destination for organizing international sporting events.

Opposition of Palistan Super League in Lahore

Imran Khan, PTI Chairman, and once captain of Pakistan Cricket team, opposed holding the PSL2 final match in Lahore. He was apprehensive about Pakistani cricket’s future if anything bad happened during the match. Javed Miandad, another batting legend from Pakistan, also opposed holding of final match in Lahore. He was of the view that if something bad happened, it could be disastrous for the Pakistani cricket.

Imran Khan and Javed Miandad have a valid argument. Many others fear their share of something bad happening at this mega event. But, we need to remain hopeful that PSL final goes without any problems. The UK-based PSL broadcasting company has pulled out of the finals in Lahore due to its reluctance to travel to the venue. A Dubai-based Innovative Production Group will now broadcast the event.

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