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Laiba Hussain Joins the Young Prodigies from Pakistan

Laiba Hussain, a resident of Oldham, United Kingdom has passed the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exam at the age of 10. This British Pakistani girl, Laiba Hussain has managed to achieve a milestone that many cannot accomplish at age 16.

Laiba Hussain’s Achievement Because of Parents

The British Pakistani girl credits all her success to her parents. Here is what she had to say about it.

“All my success is due to my parents whom I would like to thank for their constant support.”

She also gave a message to other students to work hard to achieve the goals in their lives.

Career Plans for Laiba Hussain

Laiba Hussain, the British Pakistani girl at just age ten, has achieved a great success. She wants to keep on working harder towards her dream of becoming a Dentist.

Here is what Laiba Hussain’s father Mr. Sajawal Hussain said.

“We need to focus on the education of our children. This is the only way forward for the society to prosper.”

He also shared his belief that educated children are the best gift to the society.

Labia Hussain’s Mother said that we need to educate the girls. She said that money must not be the primary motivator for kids to get an education. She said education helped them better integrate into the society and contributed towards their better upbringing.

Let us have a look at some of the young minds from Pakistan who represented the country all over the world.

Arfa Karim

Arfa KarimArfa Karim became the youngest certified Microsoft Professional from Pakistan at the age of 9. Unfortunately, she is no more with us, but her achievement will inspire many future generations of Pakistan. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates invited Arfa Karim to Microsoft head office in the US.

Iman Qureshi

Iman QureshiIman Qureshi is a young tennis player from Pakistan who started playing at the age of 10. She worked hard to achieve the top 3 slot in Asia under the age of 14. She also lifted National Women’s Cup at just 11 and represented Pakistan at International Fed Cup in Kazakhstan.

Ayan Qureshi

Ayan QureshiAyan Qureshi is the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional from Pakistan at the age of 5 years and seven months. Ayan Qureshi currently resides in the UK and has successfully passed the tests to qualify for the certification. He has developed his lab out of his computer network.

Babar Iqbal

Babar IqbalBabar Iqbal from Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan started taking a keen interest in technology at the age of 5. He holds records to many certifications as the youngest to accomplishing them including MCP, CWNA CIWA, MSP, and MCTS. He also got his research accepted at 8th IEEE International Conference.

Sumail Hassan Syed

Sumail Hassan SyedSumail Hassan Syed shares a different kind of achievement. He possesses an extreme talent for video gaming, who helped his team become Dota 2 Asian Championship, winning a prize money of $1.2 million. He plans to keep going with his tremendous passion for gaming by winning more championships.

Haroon Tariq

Haroon TariqHaroon Tariq from KPK province has set a world record of attaining 87 A’s for O & A Levels in different subjects. He has proven that Pakistan has a lot of human potential in every field. Let us hope he keeps on bringing accolades for the country in the future as well.

Muhammad Hamza Shahzad

Muhammad Hamza ShahzadMuhammad Hamza Shahzad is another six years old Microsoft Certified Professional from Pakistan. He successfully secured 757 marks, exceeding the minimum required of 700 for qualifying the test. Arfa Karim was the inspiration for Muhammad Hamza Shahzad.

Saad Ali

Saad AliSaad Ali is the only Formula 1 Certified Pakistani Racer. He is passionate about the Formula 1 racing. Formula 1 is one of the popular forms of car racing in the world. Some of the most technologically advanced cars from top automakers of the world participate in this competition.

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