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Last Night In Soho Trailer Reveals A Psychologically Twisted Plot

The first trailer of Last night in Soho movie is out and it gives briefings about how the movie might haunt the viewers. The psychological horror genre is the specialty of the upcoming film since it is based on a character who experiences the existence of multiple realities i.e. a mortal world and a supernatural one. The anticipators opined that the storyline is quite different than other gothic Hollywood films as it is breaking the stereotypes. 

Previously, the shooting was paused to the increased number of coronavirus cases around the globe. Also, it’s been a while now that the movie lovers have stayed in dark due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that the theatres are going to be opened soon, anticipators are happy since they will be able to watch the movie on big screens in October. 

Last Night In Soho Is No Less Than a Nightmare 

As per the trailer of Last Night In Soho, the film offers a package of horror, suspense, and twists. Imagine being chased by an unstoppable freak of nature that is not even bound by time. The plot comprises of the protagonist being passionate about becoming a fashion designer. She experiences mysterious events strangely entering the 1960s era. She sees an aspiring singer, which seems to be her idol. Her biggest dream turns into a nightmare when she encounters the most disturbing activities happening due to her visit at another time. The adventure becomes a curse and she bears the consequences of becoming a part of her unintentional quest. 

The trailer didn’t reveal any further information about the scenes and storyline. Thus, the suspense continues for the viewers. 

The film falls under the psychological gothic fiction category. Besides, the director, Edgar Wright is a genius at producing intellectual films, according to reports. Many assume that the imminent movie will be a hit just because the renowned director is working on it. 

Cast and Views about The Director 

The movie last night in Soho revolvers around certain main characters that are believed to be perfect for their roles, according to social media users. It includes Anya Taylor Joy as Sandy, Thomasin McKenzie as Eloise who is playing the nightmare in Sandy’s life, Matt Smith as Jack and several other important actors are performing to make the movie meet spectators’ expectations. 

Some say that Edgar Wright is more like Edgar Allen Poe, the famous gothic fiction writer of the romanticism era. The views about the director are because of his vision towards horror films.

Celebrities Expressing their Views

After the trailer launch, Edgar tweeted the trailer of the film, which can also be considered as one of the best new Halloween movies due to its genre. The tweet became a chatbox for a few celebrities as Dwayne Johnson replied with the ‘I’m In’ tweet to Wright. Upon which, the director retweeted by asking the Rock if he needed popcorn. 

Many other famous personalities including actors, writers, and directors aspired to encourage audiences to get ready for the release. 

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