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Late Comer Student Dances In Class- Video Goes Viral

Getting lectures from cool professors is the dream of every student. And, that dream came true for Brandon Goderich whose cool professor made him dance on some hit music beats. But, there is much more than a lenient professor American literature- the entire incident becomes viral as student dances in class and his class fellow captures the scene on camera.

What happens later, is not difficult to imagine in the social media dominated era.

Student Dances in Class and Goes Viral

We have recently scene the videos of South Indian beauty Priya Prakash Varrier going viral. In the same way this student dances in class and become a center of attraction on Internet.

The video was posted on Twitter by the user @_Vvanee, who captured his class fellow dancing on the beats of Stick it and Roll it. The video went viral and made Brandon Goderich a kind of overnight social media celebrity.

Response of the viewers shows that they liked Brandon’s dance very much and wanted to watch more from him.

And, people were wondering if the routine was planned out- because the dance seems to be much synchronized and one cant tell of the dancer was doing this task for fulfilling a punishment.

Who is the Dancer Brandon Goderich

So, the viral video made Brandon Goderich to join Twitter and share more of his previous experiences. People who might be waiting for the part two can have a look at this part one, which seems to be more interesting.

Brandon also shared his thoughts over people enjoying his performance.

And, people also asked him tell about how he was so good at stick it and roll it.

Was It A Planned Video

There was no sound of laughter in the second video. So, a natural question arises if the video was planned? It is easy for the story of student dances in class to go viral than some random guy dances among the group of friends.

Whatever the truth is, Brandon has got a fair share of fame from social media.

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