Golden version of the awesome latest Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is the newest version of the flagship product by Apple. This phone has changed the meaning of the word “cellphone”. The new cell lives up to its reputation. The new iOS 10 gives it a certain edge over its previous versions. Some users consider the changes to it as late. It takes time before you see the technology promised to become available.  Apple fans started setting their clocks right, ever since the announcement of the latest iPhone 7 release date.

Iphone 7 coming out, Released latest technology

The Iphone hidden features

There are many advancements made to the new cellphone. It has upgraded cameras deliver remarkable photographs. Apple sees it as a long-term consumer product, and it wants to keep investing in it. The performance of the phone is excellent thanks to a very fast processor. The long lasting batteries of the new phone add more life to continuous usage. You need to have wireless headphones to take your music listening experience to the next level.

Latest ios 10 for iphone

The iOS 10 has been upgraded to deliver better iPhone 7 usage experience. The iPhone hidden features make you fall in love with the phone. The iOS 10 also improves battery efficiency, making the phone last two more hours in regular use. Now, thanks to the Siri update, you can extend its functionality by integrating it with third party apps. iOS 10 makes it easy for you to integrate it with smart home devices. The improved Control Center certainly adds to the availability of new features.

iPhone 7 Reviews

Iphone 7 Specification, Size and Reviews

The iPhone 7 changes have brought positive reviews. The new i Phone update review by experts at CNET appreciate improved front and rear cameras. You will find lots of improvement to the iPhone 7 specifications. Not all of the rumours have come true after the announcement of apple Phone 7 launch date. However, i Phone 7 size is considered very handy and comfortable. It uses the latest iOS 10. Similarly, it has also received very positive reviews from the users. iPhone 7 and 7s are great phones with a lot of valuable features to offer to their users.