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What Kind of Laws Do Not Apply to the British Royal Family

The Queen and her royal family members are able to enjoy a number of perks which allow them to break few laws. An average person would immediately land himself in the prison after breaking such laws.

These special perks are said to be for protecting the crown rather than for royal entertainment. Most of these exemptions apply only to the Queen and do not extend to her family.

Royal Family Can Break The Speed Limit

The royal family does not have to follow legal speed limits when they are escorted by the police on official royal duty. According to the traffic laws in the UK, vehicles used for the purpose of rescue, ambulance, police, fire, or Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) are exempted from speed laws.

Since the police are responsible for driving the royal family and the prime minister, they are considered to be conducting some royal business. This is why they can break the speed limit under the law. However, the law does not apply when the family members drive on their own. When Prince Philip was involved in a car crash, he surrendered his license afterwards.

The Queen Can Travel Without Passport

Her majesty is the only human in the world who doesn’t require a passport to go anywhere in the world. According to the text written on each British passport, it is the Queen who allows all the passport bearers to pass and exit freely without hindrance.

Since the passport is issued in her name, there is no need for her to carry one. On the other hand, all members of the royal family have their own passports.

No Need For The Queen To Have A Driving License.

Since being the most recognizable person in the world, she automatically evades the requirement of having any ID or even a driving license for that matter. As a teenager, Elizabeth II was trained as a driver and mechanic for Women Auxiliary Territorial Service (WATS) during World War II. Since then she never required to take a driving test and apply for a license. She can even drive without a number plate.

The Queen Automatically Gets Legal Custody Of Her Grandchildren

While regular grandparents might have to hustle through the courts for wanting custody of their grandchildren, the Queen has automatic legal custody of all of her descendants.

The Royals Do Not Need To Use Last Names

Before 1917, there was no legal last name for the royal family due to the traditions of kings and queens to be known by the lands they have ruled upon. This has been carried to the present day but they are not required to mention their last name anywhere.

According to the records, the surname of the descendants of Queen Elizabeth and Duke Philip is Mountbatten-Windsor.

Some Royals Can Also Skip Jury Duty

All of the Royal family members were able to take a day off whenever they required by the jury. However, after 2003, upon the request of the Parliament, only the Queen and her immediate family were able to be excused from jury duty.

According to the British law, if average jurors skip their duty, they will face a fine of 1000 GBP.

Royal Family Is Exempt From Certain Taxes

The Crown is legally exempt from income tax. A portion of the income of many other royals is also not taxed if the income is related to the royal duties they perform. For example, The Prince of Wales, Charles is not obligated to pay taxes on his income from the Duchy of Cornwall.

The duchy is responsible for commercial management of land and property. It is established so that the heir to the throne can have income. It generates around 20 million pounds of revenue each year which is tax free.

However, it is reported that Prince Charles voluntarily pays income tax on the duchy’s business. It is also reported that the Queen also pays tax voluntarily on the income from governance and private properties.

Tax is applicable on the Income which is not related to the Crown, such as investment profits from the real estate of The Princess of Wales, Diana. Princess Diana’s biopic is soon to be released and Kristen Stewart would play the part.

Freedom Of Information Act Does Not Apply To This Family

The monarchy has complete authority over the transparency of their governmental and royal activities. They are exempt from this law to be allowed to exercise privacy over daily activities and financials. People of the UK cannot access detailed information on how the royal household does the financials and to what extent they influence governmental policies, decisions, and actions.

The Queen Is Free From All Civil and Criminal Proceedings

The Queen holds sovereign immunity which protects her from investigations regarding criminal or civil law. It means she could go on a killing spree and no one would be able to do anything about it. She cannot be arrested or questioned which makes her effectively exempt from the law.

Throughout history, kingdoms and monarchs have been able to avoid law no matter what they have done. These monarchs of the UK possess great power and privilege but their positions have a lot of responsibility.

The family mentions on their website that the Queen makes sure that all activities in her personal capacity are carried out in accordance with the law.

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