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Everything about Lawsuit against Uber for Paralyzing a Man in a Crash

A man from Massachusetts named Will Good filed a lawsuit against Uber, the ride-booking firm, since the driver crashed the car and paralyzed the passenger. As per the registered complaint, the driver had a history of reckless driving, which was chaotic for the accuser. The Suffolk Superior Court case revealed that Will hit his dead on the passenger seat side when the driver hit a parked car, due to which he was injured. Moreover, Good didn’t press any charges against the driver. 

Lawsuit Against Uber Results in $63 Million Fine 

The man who accused filed a lawsuit against Uber sued the company for $63 Million. According to the complaint, the driver has had a bad driving history of more than 20 violations. The citations based on reckless driving skills involve rigidness towards stopping the car at appropriate moments. Also, Massachusetts had advised him to retrain for the job. Considering the reports that the offender has been a notorious driver since 1996, the accuser fixated on the idea that the company shouldn’t have hired someone this unfit for taking rides and driving as it was dangerous for the passengers. 

Will Seeks Jury to Serve Justice

Will Good did not just file a case against the company but requested jury trials to decide about the damage done to the passenger. He seeks out justice in terms of covering the physical and emotional suffering. Reportedly, Good is expecting to be paid by the company to cover the medical expenses and compensate for the permanent disability. Thus, the lawsuit against Uber by the paralyzed passenger took place for the firm to take complete accountability for the mishap. On the other hand, Uber did not comment on the legal matter and its stance. 

Will Good Wants to Spread Awareness

Uber has been facing ups and downs regarding its reputation amid multiple issues that surfaced due to its safety problems. Many events are believed to indicate Uber’s inability to provide secure ride services. In 2019, London suspended Uber transportation license over some serious safety concerns that the firm had vividly failed to administer. In this regard, the lawsuit against Uber isn’t just a punishment for the company but also an awareness call. Victoria Santoro Mair, who happens to be Good’s attorney, stated that her client wants to help people stay safe. As per the lawyer, the paralyzed Massachusetts man wants the public to realize that they need to take precautions so that what happened to him doesn’t happen to anyone else. Lastly, he is trying to make Uber a safer means of transportation.

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