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What Are the Known Leading Causes of Cancer in the World?

Cancer is one the most life threating diseases in the world with only 1 in 3 surviving. According to multiple studies there are several causes of cancer.

What is Cancer Really?

To put in simple term cancer is the uncontrolled cell division that is caused by cell mutation. Cell mutation occurs when the DNA of a cell gets damaged or altered. Most of the time when the DNA gets damaged the causes behind that are unnatural. There are some situation in which cell mutation occurs for no apparent reason, but the causes of cancer in those cases may be related to heridity

A small mass of mutated cell dividing is called a tumor. It is the first sign indicating a person may have a tumor. doctors some time identify the causes of cancer by studying the tumor. Tumor are of two types based upon their ability to spread through the body or not.

  1. Benign Tumor: when a tumor stays at its place of origin is called a benign tumor. They are not considered  too  harmful as they don’t spread to other parts of the body
  2. Malignant Tumors: when tumors don’t stay confined to the area of origin and spread. Such tumors are called Malignant. Their ability to spread through the body via blood vessel and start a new tumor is called metastasis.

What Are the Leading Causes Of Cancer

The denaturation of DNA is amongst the leading causes of cancer. It is mostly caused from the substances known as carcinogens. These compounds damage the stop codon which is responsible for stopping the cell from dividing hereby causing uncontrolled cell growth. Some of the most widely known carcinogenic are as follows.

  1. Arsenic and its compounds:

Arsenic  is a very common carcinogenic that is very prevalent in our is found in Herbicides, fungicides, animal dips and drinking water from contaminated is known cause of cancer associated with lungs, Hemangiosarcoma and skin;

  • Asbestos:

Asbestos is another commonly found carcinogenic. It can be found roofing paper, floor tiles and construction is associated with lung, gastro intestinal cancer, and asbestosis

  • Benzene:

Benzene is the most common carcinogen it is present in all houses in different present in detergents, paints and rubber. It’s known to cause leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma

  • Hexavalent chromium(VI) compounds:

It is commonly found in paints and is as preservative in many things. This substance is known to cause lung cancer.

  • Vinyl chlorides :

Is commonly used as refrigerant, plastic production and adhesives for is known to cause Hemangiosarcoma.

Here are some other causes of this disease.

  1. Life style choices :

Choices like smoking and drinking are known to promote cancer causing substances.

  • Ultraviolet Radiation:

Excessive exposure UV radiation is also one reason and is one of the common causes of cancer attributed to skin.

  • Lack of exercise:

Exercise helps keep the body active and fit. The sweat produced as a result of exercise helps the body excrete toxins and thus prevent this disease.

Types of Cancer

Based on the type of cells involved in the tumor formation or the part of the body where they grow., here are following types of the disease.

  1. Carcinoma: a tumor derived from epithelial cells, those cells that line the surface of our skin and organs. Our digestive tract and airways are also lined with epithelial cells. This is the most common cancer type and represents about 80-90% of all cases reported.
  2. Sarcoma: a tumor derived from muscle, bone, cartilage, fat or connective tissues.
  3. Leukemia: This type is derived from white blood cells or their precursors. The cells that form both white and red blood cells are located in the bone marrow.
  4. Lymphoma: a cancer of bone marrow derived cells that affects the lymphatic system.
  5. Myeloma: a cancer involving the white blood cells responsible for the production of antibodies (B lymphocytes or B-cells).

All cancers have a certain level of similarity which makes them hard to diagnose at the time. Some of them are easy to treat while others are not.Different cancers

What Is The Treatment of Cancer?

The conventional method for treatment of cancer includes medication, chemotherapy, and surgery. this method requires you to identify the type of cancer and the most common causes of cancer respectively This is an expensive method of treatment and requires trained staff. Even after taking the conventional treatment there is no chance that the patient will survive.

Over the year’s researcher have developed a keen interest in food based treatment to cure cancer. Certain fruits and vegetables provide a natural immunity as they contain phytochemicals which kill or inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Not only that this treatment is cheaper than conventional methods and has a much higher success rate.

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