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Why You Need to Stop Trolling Leather Jacket Girl from Faiz Festival

Arooj Aurangzeb labeled as “Leather Jacket Girl” by trolls is going viral on social media. The girl with her firey rendition of Bismil’s famous “Sar farooshi ki Tamana Ab Hamarey Dil Mein Hai” has indeed done her job well to mobilize the students for standing up to their rights and making a case for all the oppressed factions of the society. The voice that echoed from Faiz Festival is now resonating well with the students from across the country.

Unfortunately, some social media users are trolling Arooj and her comrades by labeling them elitists and burgers who were doing this activity just for fun. By doing this they are simply undermining the cause of standing up to the injustices faced by students and other suppressed and marginalized groups belonging to any socio-economic groups.

Why Youth Needs to Stand with Arooj and Her Comrades Raising Slogans At Faiz Festival

Cutting the long story short, Arooj was there with her comrades to mobilize the students for upcoming Students Solidarity March that will take place on 29th November probably. This is not the first time the event is happening. The last year Progressive Students Collective had organised this march primarily to raise the voice for restoration of student unions in the campuses and address other issues that students are facing.

Here are few of the demands of Students taking part in march.

  1. Provision of quality education as per modern standards in all institutions.
  2. An end of profiling of students on the basis of race, gender or religion.
  3. Withdrawal of recent fee hikes in universities across the country, beside restoration of Higher Education’s Budget (HEC).
  4. Constitution of legal committees for sexual harassment cases with students’ representation.
  5. Same hostel curfew timing for students irrespective of their gender.
  6. Lifting of ban on student unions as per Sindh Assembly’s legislation; for remaining country to follow suit.

No They Are Not Only DHA and LUMS Kids

Youth particularly the students who feel it tough to get education due to social constraints must be a part of the march. The activists and mobilizers are not only from DHA and LUMS, instead they represent all the students irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, social background, region, institute, and religion. Those students who make it to the universities in urban centers despite difficult circumstances and find it hard to cope with the every day life at campuses (which also interfers with their studies) have a strong reason to be a part of the student solidarity march for which Arooj and her comrades were making a hard effort at Faiz festival.

A Voice for Marginalised People

These leftist youngsters are not only raising their voice against the atrocities faced by the students but they are also representing the sentiments of working class, women and other marginalised faction of the society. Therefore, labelling their activity as fun might be an attempt to do injustice to a major cause.

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