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This LEGO Drivable Bugatti Chiron Is No Less Than Wonder

From the last couple of years innovation in cars has become all about technology and kind of fuel they use. Car manufacturers are trying to come up with more hybrid or electric vehicles which are energy efficient. This time, a fantastic innovation has been brought to the limelight in the form of LEGO drivable Bugatti Chiron. On Thursday, 30th August, the toy brick company announced that it built a life-size Lego car of one million pieces.

What Is LEGO Drivable Bugatti Chiron All About

The LEGO drivable Bugatti Chiron is the more wonderful surprise than Kim Kardashian getting a Neon Mercedez gift from Kanye West. It is fantastic regarding specs, just like its counterpart. Car’s Lego motor generates 5.3 horsepower. The vehicle that weighs up to 3000 pounds has a theoretical speed of 18mph, but it reached 12 mph during the test drives. The car also has a functional lego speedometer which works same like one in real life.

How the Life Size Lego Car Was Built

Drivable Lego car reportedly has more than one million Lego pieces in it. These include 2,304 of power function motors, 2,016 of axles, and 4,032 of gear wheels.

The car that doesn’t have any acceleration pedal has doors, taillights, headlights and steering wheel, all made up of Lego.

The engineers and workers had to put in a lot of effort to bring the replica of $2.6 million worth of Bugatti Chiron. They spent almost six months to produce a life-size car. And, it just proved that building a luxury car that replicates the cutting edge technology by joining the Lego pieces was not impossible at all.

The Non-Lego Part of the Car

LEGO drivable Bugatti Chiron has 90 % break toys in it. But, there are some parts that have other materials too. These include the tires and a steel frame. But, mostly, it is all LEGO.

How Real the Car Looked

The car was indeed a life-size as it went through successful test drives. The company also got Andy Wallace, the Bugatti test driver to check it. According to media reports that quoted Wallace, when he saw a LEGO drivable Bugatti Chiron, he was impressed by the model’s accuracy and even a minute attention to detail.

He also told that it was a great experience to drive such a car, and all those years ago he even couldn’t imagine driving a LEGO car.

If such cars become more efficient, then they may help bring lightweight and easy to handle vehicles in the market. They may have a use to cater to the needs of the specific car users.

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