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Why Do My Legs Feel Heavy?

Why do my legs feel heavy, is a question that every individual has to ask himself at least once in the life. The sedentary lifestyle that limits the room for physical activities, ages, hormonal changes and genetic disorders are few of the causes why someone’s legs feel heavy.

Let’s have a look at what are heavy legs and what are their causes.

What Happens When Legs Feel Heavy?

Stiffness and tiredness make the legs heavy. A person whose legs feel heavy finds it difficult to take steps, stretch his leg or even move forward. During this condition legs put on weight, which is not due to deposition of extra fats.

Why Legs Feel Heavy?

Causes of heavy legs differ from person to person, but they are usually caused by malfunctioning of the vascular system. In most of the cases, arteries lose their elasticity and valves become narrow causing the accumulation of blood in the vessels. The condition gives birth to edema, making the legs heavy and swell up.

Legs Feel Heavy

Heavy Legs in Women

An analysis of the available data indicates that women are more likely to suffer from heavy legs than men. Hormonal changes in women are rife during specific periods of pregnancy and menopause. During such conditions, many women complain that their legs feel heavy and they find it difficult to walk.

Heavy Legs in Aged People

Aging is the most apparent reason why legs feel heavy in many people. In old age people, blood vessels lose elasticity, resulting in hindrance to blood circulation. The condition is likely to become worse in the persons suffering from heavy legs is also obese. Due to this reason, one should ensure a moderate body weight to avoid pain in legs in older age. At this stage, people must follow essential self-care tips to stay fit.

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Peripheral Arterial Disease

Legs feel heavy to those patients who suffer from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). This is another disease characterized by potential blockage of the arteries. PAD occurs due to the buildup of fatty deposits in the cardiovascular passage. The result is evident in the form of low circulation of blood. Peripheral Arterial Disease can target the blood vessels in all part of the body. But, it is more common in legs, causing them to feel heavier.

Legs feel heavy, because of other reasons like restless leg syndrome, etc. People who are on medication or use too much alcohol or do smoking can also feel aching, crawling and throbbing in the legs. Consequently, they feel, tiredness in legs and find it difficult to move.

As mentioned above the causes of heavy legs are so diverse, so one should ensure a proper diagnosis, before deciding to choose for general treatment.

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