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This Let’s Confuse the Burgers Trend Explains Socio-Cultural Divide in Pakistan

Cultural diversity is the beauty of any nation and in fact the entire world. It is delightful to see communal harmony among different colors, castes, religions, genders, and classes. However, sometimes people like to poke fun at each other for being different from them. Some users on social media started a trend called let’s confuse the burgers, to highlight the things that folks from a specific social class in Pakistan may not know because of their westernized outlook and leanings.

What Is Lets Confuse The Burgers All About

The word burger is not just the food in Pakistan. It is in fact a kind of slur to call youth from urban elite classof the country who don’t define themselves with otherwise desi outlook of middle class and rural class. Some deep elements of society are shielded from such people as they live in exclusive areas and also they are more leaned towards western lifestyle which is not common in rest of the country. Jugatbaazi  in the form of memes reaches its peak in any Pakistani social media scene.

These Lets’ confuse the burgers memes might not really be a way to poke fun at burgers but just a mean for most of the commoners to talk about the things of their childhood that they enjoyed despite being not that privileged.

All these posts in the trend might not be justified for their content since there are many things that have nothing to do with desis are burgers exlusively. Nevertheless, the trend does a good job at exposing deep socio-cultural divide in Pakistan on the basis of class.

People chose to confuse the burgers based on the differences of choices in food, clothes, education, manners, social values, and games. Here are some of the highlighted tweets.

Socio-Cultural Division Regarding Food

These tweets show how each group treats food items.

These ice candy sticks were a taste of a lifetime. Those who have not tried this have really missed out. It is to be noted that these were available on corners shops and “burgers” might have missed on them since stores in colonies of elite classes usually don’t have such food items for kids.

Only the people in rural areas or from lower / middle class know the value of saving a naan which has turned to stone.

This mega Biryani could also be an elusive concept in the alleged burger lifestyle. They might not have eaten rice bare handed in groups and in a single tray. It is because those defined as burgers are identified with eatin with spoons, or folks and knives as in western culture..

Now one is really a meme that distinguishes burgers from desis. Most of the kids from elite class cherish those burgers from popular fast food chains they don’t have that taste for anday wala burger (Egg burger) available in roadside food stalls. In fact, this is of one of the most popular (among commoners) street food in Pakistan.

Division In Various Means of Entertainment

Jokes can be good if they are creative but they should not be disgusting by insinuating that this organic matter is some sort of food. While, this might be inappropriate, it is still shocking for particular class in Pakistan to believe that people in some rural areas mould the cow dung in round shapes with their hands and they dry it up to use as fuel.

This user shared a reasonable joke as video games were first introduced in Pakistan on Arcade systems. Well, even burgers might have used it at some point but they were also priviliged enough to switch to the modern products liks PlayStation by Sony.

Speaking of video games, this is one of the best games ever that made almost every kid in Pakistan attracted towards the arcade

Apart from video games, there were other games as well that required toys like plastic guns and it was the saddest moment in childhood whenever those toys got lost or broke. These didn’t use to be that much expensive a reason for them being exclusive to desis.

This is the one thing that everybody has to admit that no matter who else has captured the market, the pioneer will always hold the chair. 

Also this meme doesn’t go well with the let’s confuse the burger trend. The reason is that it is more about innovation and even burgers had to use that phone at some point in their lives when there were no iphones.

One thing remains the true that iphone is good only to serve as a class icon.  Despite being the most expensive smartphones these days iPhones are hugely overrated and do not offer much.

Criticsm on Let’s Confuse the Burgers Thing

Well it is not clear what was the motive of this trend but one thing is sure that it highlights there are things and experiences related to food, entertainment and lifestyle which are purely class based and a particular group of the society might feel it difficult to get identified with it.

Not everyone took this trend as a joke. As, this user who idenetifies herself with burgers calls this trolling unnecessary as there is no need for it.

While burgers and slurrs like mommy daddy may irritate or offend the target class, the fact that not everyone can relate to same lifestyle due to social status remains the same. It is also a fact that very often those belonging to elite class share their lifestyle experiences without realizing that they might be making other feel excluded; One example is rich folks talking about their abroad trips on Instagram etc. Therefore, if commoners also start sharing things they experience, find relatable and enjoy then it shouldn’t bother people much. Afterall, it is social media everyone gets to share they want. The trend only highlights the difference which exists and doesn’t seem to vanish away as far as class consciousness is there.

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