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Lets Review Dil Mom Ka Diya, The Most Watched Drama Right Now!

Right now, drama serial Dil Mom Ka Diya is the favorite of all those Pakistani drama audiences who like to watch serials which have realism involved in them. These social dramas not only include the discussion on the outdoor social issues such as rape, molestation, and crimes, but the genre also caters to the indoor issues that every household in our society faces. It brings into limelight the problems that don’t get a public exposure otherwise.

Issue Discussed In Dil Mom Ka Diya

Most of the people say that this drama is based on the fundamental story where a female is being suppressed by the norms of society, and this sort of issues are not even social issues. These are a part of house politics, though these everyday politics in homes have a significant contribution in the social atmosphere outside the home! So I was shocked to see how people perceived it on twitter! Have a look yourself,

Now let’s see what the actual story of this drama is!

Well, this drama doesn’t at all revolves around one female who is submissive and the other who is acting like the boss! This story consists of a man name Afzal, played by Yasir Nawaz and his beautiful wife Ulfat, Neelum Muneer. Ulfat is a human who has the complex of being superior from all others around her. She gets married to Afzal because her father was Afzal’s teacher. The couple had a dominant female and a male who became submissive just because he loved his wife. When Tamkanat a.k.a Hira Salman who was Ulfat’s cousin got committed to her brother in law and Afzal’s brother, problem begins!


Now here the jealous relationship between both cousin sisters are shown, and it is also revealed how Ulfat not only tried to make troubles between Tamkanat’s relationship but she also tried to create problems in the life of Afzal’s younger sister so that she could not get married. Even after her marriage, she was repeatedly insulted by Ulfat on her fortune and the gifts her brother gave to her on the wedding.

This is not the end of Ulfat’s destructive nature; she never loved her daughter because her name was suggested by Afzal’s elder sister! Ulfat went for an abortion without informing her husband and murdered her child! When her father died with the guilt and regret of her deeds, she asked for divorce form Afzal. Total 18 episodes have been on aired till now.

Marvelous Acting And Direction

Till now the story tells how a female destructs her own home and create hell in her heaven. This story is performed so well that there comes the point where you start hating Ulfat, Neelum Muneer for her evil deeds. Then, Afzal, Yasir Nawaz seems humble and gentle husband. All the other cast has played their roles amazingly as well. Qavi Khan as Molvi Sahab, Imran Ashraf as Afzal’s younger brother, Hira Mani as Tamkanat, Nida Mumtaz as Ulfat’s mother and other wonderful actors included in the cast have made this drama look like a real story happening in front of you. Whereas, Shahid Shafaat has directed it beautifully and this is the product of six sigma production. Dil Mom Ka Diya is based on Saira Raza’s novel with the same name.

Amazing Title Track

I would like to appreciate the epic ost of Dil Mom Ka Diya, which is one of the most awaited ost’s right now. This beautiful mixture of Adnan Dhool and Sanam Marvi’s voice makes this track more appealing to ears of the listener, but unfortunately, the track has not been uploaded fully.

Anyhow, don’t forget to watch Dil Mom Ka Diya, every Tuesday at 8-10 pm on ARY Digital! Here is the precap of the upcoming episode.


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