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Libya’s GNA Forces Launch “Volcano of Anger- A “Counter-Offensive against LNA

Libya’s Colonel Mohamed Gnounou in a press conference on Sunday announced that the forces loyal to the GNA (Government National Accord) have launched a counter-offensive to defend Tripoli from falling into the wrong hands.  He further stated that the LNA (Libyan National Army)  will face resistance on every step.

It’s Not Looking Good for GNA

Ever since, the downfall of Muhammad Gaddafi Libya has taken a turn for the worst. According to the media reports Libyan National Army (LNA) lead by Gen. Hifter launched an attack on Tripoli 4 days ago to liberate it from what he believed is an iligimate government  of GNA founded by western power to promote and protect their interest in the region.

To counter the LNA, the GNA has launched a counter-offensive called volcano of anger.

 Impact of War On Libya On Civilian Lives

The fighting has taken a significant toll on the civil population. According to the health ministry of the Tripoli-based government, at least 21 civilians have lost their lives, including one doctor. While the LNA in a press statement told media that 14 troops had lost their lives, since the beginning of the offense four days ago

The people are scared and terrified of the current situation. Those who can leave are fleeing the country while those who can’t have started stocking food and fuel in case the war prolongs. The UN mission in Libya (UNSMIL) urged both sides to call a truce for at least 2 hours so that the wounded and civilians could be evacuated.

The UN sectary general António Guterres while talking to the media said that military solution is not the answer to the current problem. Only intra –Libyan dialogue is the solution.He furthermore requested for both the sides  to calm down and come to common terms.

How Are Countries Reacting to the Libyan Situation

Countries all over the world have ordered the evacuation of all their citizens and personal in Libya due to the tension.

The US Africa Command based in Germany ordered some of its personnel to evacuate the county due to the increasing tension.

It is not exactly known how many personnel have been evacuated but videos showing USA navel assets leaving the country are going viral on social media.

The  G7 and the UN have condemned the LNA forces saying that they are getting in the way of progress and stabilizing Libya. The GNA backed forces have vowed to resist Gen. Hifter by all means possible.

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