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These Lies Are Haunting Pakistani Social Media Users

Pakistani social media users are leveraging Facebook memes to be vocal about the most common lies that haunt them. A famous humorous page on Facebook also compiled these memes that couldn’t be relatable to youth anymore.

So, what are these lies really about? Well, the question is not that much tough, and anyone can guess the answer. The most prominent lies youth is facing, relate to studies, friends, and relationship. As everyone would agree, these issues, are real and do their best to haunt those who face them.

Let’s have a look at what you have to listen when you are opponent is not being that much correct.

The Common Lies in Student Life

1. When teacher misleads you about the significance of a question for exams

2. And that friend who is not truthful about her exam preparation

3. Making a false pledge to yourself for starting studying next semester

4. On those pseudo-motivational speakers who keep on signaling about light in a tunnel of never-ending darkness

And yes, social media users are outspoken about relationship flaws

1. On Betrayal of Men, who say they love only one woman in the world.

2. When they say I can’t love anyone more than you

3. The most common excuse by girls for saying no to a boy

4. The most common explanation for not marrying someone

Here social media users talked about a common dilemma

1. When every day that makes a resolution to start dieting from tomorrow

2. And this is indeed a very desi way of saying no to friends and parties you don’t want to attend. Seriously, do our parents are such cruel?

3. This more common excuse for not reaching on time. This lie is not exclusive to youth only. Many adults often need to tell it.

These lies might be haunting social media users and those who are relating to them in actual life. But, let’s admit that the apparel of humor, presented in the form of tweets, is making these lies less harsh. Sharing them on social media, tagging the friends and conveying the concerns to those who matter without directly speaking to them, also offers entertainment. But at the same times, these memes also reveal, what are the most pressing issues that are haunting our youth. And to speak the truth, all these problems make sense.

If there are more lies that you wish to add, then grab your keyboards and do share them in the comment section.

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