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How a Life Coach App Can Make You Successful

Let’s admit it. Most of the times, we find it tough to set our lives on a right path to meet our goals, only because we are unable to get rid of unwanted habits. Well, the process of unlearning is indeed stringent than learning and requires an active effort. Luckily, in the modern time changing a lousy habit, Let’s say procrastinating, has not remained such a challenging goal to achieve. It only takes a person to use one life coach app to set the life on the road to success.

Before, getting an overview of what tasks a life coach app has to accomplish, keep on thing in mind that it is different from to-do list apps for Android. In fact, a to-do list app allows for creating tasks, setting deadlines, creating reminders and sharing them with group members. But, with an app that coaches about life, one uses a systematic approach to change the daily life habits.

What Is A Life Coach App?

According to a popular study, a person needs almost 66 days to change a habit or to learn a new one. Hence a life coach app helps a person to set reminder according to this systematic approach. Well, this change of habit in 66 days routine is not necessarily a rule of thumb. Many apps school a user in different matters.

Like, they can remind a diabetic patient if he/she is eating the right food, taking medicines and not deviating from prescription. In fact, many fitness apps are also more like life coach apps as they help to keep track of a person’s performance in the gym and how regularly he is following instructions.

Briefly, life coach apps, help a person to:

  1. Achieving the Short Term Goals.
  2. Furnishing insights about user’s performance
  3. Keeping track of what a person has missed
  4. Giving stats and analytics to let user know of any progress

Users can benefit from a life coach app in various ways. Let’s have a look at few prominent life coach apps to get a better knowledge of this technology.

1. Productive

This iOS based life coach app is perfect for those who find it tough for executing their ideas and plans. Productive helps the user in getting things done by breaking down time into categories of morning, evening and anytime. Therefore, small deadlines force a person to do a task and rush towards another one.

2. Habitbull

Users can find prevalent to-do list apps for iPhone and Android: Same is the case with several life coach apps which are present in both smartphone operating systems: One famous example of such apps is Habitbull, and it has many exciting and lucrative features. Like it has easy to use interface and brilliant features for tracking habits. It also furnishes analytics and stats with the help of graphs and makes it easy for user to monitor the performance.

An astonishing thing about Habitbull is its ability to keep users motivated for helping them achieve their goals. The app offers various motivational quotes and also the community support. In fact, it connects the people who are working to meet the similar goals. Therefore, one can utilize Habitbull in a manner of social media by getting something productive out of it.

3. Stride

Users who want to save money to buy something must use Stride. Let’s suppose you decide to save money for a weekend tour to a hill station, for which you have set an amount in your mind. So, stride allows you to set that financial goal and help in saving money. The good thing about the stride is that it is a web-based life coach app. Further, it is also available on iOS. Users can track their progress by setting milestones for each amount of money.

4. Habitica

Habitica is a great life coach app that helps a person to achieve benefits of a personal development plan in the real sense. It has cool features that convert the tasks and to-do lists into games and makes their use a fun.  The app has categories like Habits, Dailies, to-do list and rewards that enables users to reach a goal systematically and entertainingly.

Users who are looking for an indulging method to use a life coach app must benefit from Habitica.

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