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When Life Throws You Lemons, Make Lemonade

If you’re aquaphobic then you won’t be able to swim until you’re thrown into the water and made to float. Life moves on the same strategy. If there is no thorn in your way to destiny, then you must be on the wrong track. However, these thorns can become roses if we somehow manage to understand that there is a massive role of traumatic hurdles in our lives. Scrutiny can make us champions or nonentity at the same span of time. The only need of the hour is to decide what we would love to be?

Homo sapiens’ life is full of traumatic hurdles that make him feel depressed. According to a mind-boggling fact, 80% of the traumas are self-made and mere 20% are natural or something beyond our approach. Allah has blessed everyone with same the caliber and unveiled the secrets to analyze them.

According to World Health Organization, major depression is the fourth leading cause of disability and projected to be the second leading death cause by 2020.

To quench the thirst, we desperately need Lemonade in the contemporary epoch which is incomplete without lemons.

Probably, no one free from getting tormented by depression irrespective of the severity of trauma. Depression triggers from a couple of actions comprising oversensitivity, self-assumptions, over-thinking, inferiority complex, continuous be-ration and hampering by others.

Neither the extroverts nor the introverts go smoothly in their lives and are satisfied with what they do and what they have. Depression hits almost everyone hard. The only survivors are those who muster up the courage to cope with it. A rough estimate suggests that the young generation is quickly falling victim to this morbidity compared to their elders.

Indubitably, depression will hamper your progress in achieving your goals. However, here are some helpful tips to reduce it.


Following are some steps you need to follow:

  • Invest your precious time in yourself

Well, first of all, what you need to bear in mind is that there are no “Abra Kadabra” or “khul ja sim sim” type shortcuts to get something you want in your life. Every destination requires a determined and never-surrendering commitment from its dweller.  So, only those would manage to reach there who are capable enough to walk consistently.

  • People are going to demotivate you, don’t pay heed to them.

If Stephan Hawking would have paid heed to people discouraging him about his goals he would have never dealt with his disability. You’re going to find some chunks in your way hindering you from moving forward. So, don’t worry, their struggles are not going to pay them well until you pay heed to them. Just follow the rule of “Listen to everyone, but do what you think suits you.”

  • Control Oversensitivity and Self-Assumption as Much as You Can

Oversensitivity ruins a life. After acknowledging your habit of self-assumption and oversensitivity, you need to find some severe sources to hamper it. Never take normal things to heart beyond a limit. Start finding something comforting to reduce your sensitivity. For example, if something has happened against your nature or you merely don’t like the attitude of someone, and your mind starts boggling. It is the phase where you need to find the best way to divert your mind from this dilemma. Writing a diary, walking for 3-5km a day, and taking some exercise can be the best sources to distract yourself from thinking about tragedies and nightmares.

When Life Throws You Lemons, Make Lemonade

  • Stay Healthy

A healthy diet and sound nap are something with specific positive effects. For example, if a person is facing a tragedy and can’t have sound sleep or healthy food they would become weaker day by day. Instead of combating trauma they would fall victim of other morbidities and diseases, which is devastating for them.

  • Spend Some Time with People You Feel Comfortable With

Man is a social animal. It’s not a myth but has become the need of the hour. People of past era were not suffering from morbidity named depression which people now commonly face. Space lies with the fact that people of previous age were aware of the importance of getting connected. They believed in sharing problems with each other without hesitation. But the human of 21st Century is way too introvert in sharing his issues even with their closed ones. It is a primary reason behind traumatic depressions. When you stay connected with people who inspire and guide you at every step, you can get rid of the emerging trauma.

  • Remember! You Can Be the best Psychotherapist for Yourself.

Last but very far from least, you need to bear one thing in your mind that no one but only you can bring positive change in yourself. Let me explain why I’m saying so? Just you know yourself best, and you are the sincerest person to yourself. So you would try those things which you think will have positive impacts on your life.

Summing up everything, 80% of the people in every home are suffering from depression. But due to lack of ample tricks to ditch depression, they start considering themselves psycho patients. It doesn’t end here. They get started with trying some psychologist and some “PIR-FAQIRS.” At this moment saying, so it doesn’t mean that psychologists are not the source of your treatment. But trying something by yourself especially when you think you can do better. Getting help from a psychotherapist is not a bad thing, but before doing so don’t forget to follow some tips to combat depression. Never surrender yourself before any calamity. In fact, when you feel that you are going to experience something against your nature, be enthusiastic about it because sweets are the uses of adversity. God-Speed

Author - Aroosa Arooj

Aroosa Arooj is a passionate content writer with an M.Phil in Mathematics.

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