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You Guys Need To Stop Acting Like Kardashians Sham Idrees And Froggy!

There are many popular YouTubers out there who went viral because of the quality content of their vlogs. An artist is always known by maintaining his specific standard of molding and interpreting things for the world. But here the whole scenario seems so different and absurd when a vlog series featuring sham Idrees and froggy was presented by these two which are just as lame as your dirtiest childhood joke!

Sham Idrees And Froggy GOt Engaged After A Pointless Drama!

Some days ago I was visiting my twitter is saw that Sham Idrees have proposed froggy and she rejected it but now suddenly she accepted it and the new Chapter begins of the lame and pointless drama no one seems interested in but all those fans who actually believe that they both are entertainers, Though this is not how you entertain people!

Height Of Fakeness!

We know that vlogs are made for entertaining people through something interesting and unusual but at the same time vlogs made by Sham and froggy are usually pointless and they just show how they met and what they meant to each other and this seems fake!

Seriously A Whole series of how she proposed and how she rejected and then accepted was not required! This is not the quality content actually and this type of content seems like a new strategy by Sham Idrees and Froggy to get more like maybe!

But He Started Quiet Well!

I don’t know what just happened to this guy. Like when I started watching the youtube channels and vlogs he was one of those popular vloggers who actually gave us some of the highest rated and videos with morals!


Then Sham Idrees and froggy took a wrong turn and instead of making these videos more and more qualified and interesting they started making videos such as!

Then they even started a war against Pakistani Youtubers which are honestly doing 1000 percent better than their videos. honestly speaking Ducky Bhai and Raza Samo have never ever talked about their girlfriends or used the cheap mentality which is now a constant part of Sham Idress and Froggy’s vlog! Like please talk about something else than each other guys!!!! There are many many more important topics which could be used rather than where you guys met and why met and this and that!

This is not only mine but the voice of all those people who are now sick and tired of seeing their lame vlogs!

Then Ducky Bhai also told them that they are doing it the wrong way


But still Sham and Froggy are making more and more vlogs. One day people will stop following them and that’s the end of their fame if this engagement is also a fake try of achieving more sympathy votes! Well, my advice for you is to resolve this matter and please keep your personal matters to yourself because that’s what sane people do! Stop acting like Kardashians and if they are your mentors then you need to change your way of thinking right now!


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