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Lionel Messi Wedding Takes Place in Spain

Lionel Messi wedding finally took place in Barcelona, Spain. The Lionel Messi wedding attracted a lot of showbiz stars. The football legend tied the knot to Antonella Roccuzzo, his childhood sweetheart. Some media outlets are quoting it as the “wedding of the century” with so many football stars gathering at one place.

A Star-Studded Lionel Messi Wedding

Lionel Messi wedding had some of the most famous world football stars in attendance. The list of guests included old friends of the family Luis Suarez and Neymar. A lot of the football stars landed in their private jets with a few accompanied by their children.

The long list of guests also anticipated the arrival of Shakira and her husband, Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas, and striker of Manchester City Sergio Aguero. Before the start of the Lionel Messi wedding, the company organizing the event warned the public. In a statement, the company called it a strictly private function.

Limited Media Access for Lionel Messi Wedding

Lionel Messi Wedding Takes Place in SpainThe media had restricted access to the Lionel Messi wedding. A large crowd gathered at the local airport to see the famous footballers from around the world. The event management company reportedly hired a security firm to prevent wedding crashers from disturbing the guests. An invitation was given to 150 journalists to attend the Lionel Messi wedding. However, media was not given full venue access.

An Old Love Bond Existed Between Leonel Messi and His Girlfriend

The two love doves met when Lionel Messi was just five. Roccuzzo is a cousin of Messi’s best friend, Lucas Scaglia. Messi had to go away to work at age 13. He got the offer to play for Barcelona on the condition that the club would pay for his growth hormone treatment.

The couple currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. They already have two adorable sons. Messi has lately been in the limelight for tax evasion.

A Bit About Lionel Messi Wedding Event

Rosario is near the banks of Parana. The city is around 300 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. Lionel Messi wedding took place at Rosario’s City Center hotel. Roccuzzo was expected to wear a dress designed by a Barcelona Dress Designer, Rosa Clara. Rosa Clara rose to fame by designing clothes for Spain’s Queen Letizia, and actress Eva Longoria. The menu served at the wedding include sushi, traditional Argentinian pastries, and different parts of cow meat.


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