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Here Is the List of Best Hybrid Cars 2018

Environmental concerns have made sustainability a significant trend of the present century, and rising popularity of hybrid cars confirms this fact. Earlier, it was a perception that hybrid vehicles are not as much efficient as compared to those that use gasoline. But, a rising awareness among the consumers and pressure to comply with energy efficient products are making car manufacturers come up with energy-saving vehicles that offer smooth rides upon hitting the roads. Users who want a vehicle upgrade are looking for best hybrid cars 2018. And, luckily, they are available with plenty of them.

Best Hybrid Cars 2018

With news that countries like the UK will not allow diesel and petrol cars after 2040, people are becoming more inclined to buy hybrid vehicles. Here is the list of best hybrid vehicles 2018 that evaluates the cars by design, efficiency, and affordability.

  1. Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid is on the top of the list for being a midrange vehicle in the list. Its elegant and sportive design makes them look attractive; its interior is designed in a way to give passengers a comfortable ride. Due to the replacement of battery under the rear seats, Toyota Camry hybrid has now more cargo room. Camry has many updated features that make it stand in line with the modern vehicles, but it misses the support from latest apps. Its price starts from $23,500 approximately.

  1. Chevrolet Volt

Let’s come to a bit expensive hybrid car. Chevrolet bolt has occupied this slot for being a plug-in hybrid car which is able of covering almost 54 miles on all-electric power. Chevrolet Bolt’s price begins roughly from $36,000 which may sound a bit expensive for specific users, but it is still in an affordable range. The car doesn’t have much cabin space, but it allows filling of gas whenever a person want to. Users who might not feel so relaxed with Chevrolet Volt can check for Chevrolet Bolt which boosts relatively comfortable and spacious interior.

  1. Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq is one of the best hybrid cars 2018 for being more affordable than its peers. Its price starts from $22,000 approximately. This small car is famous for its fuel economy and safety level. Users who look for some easy to handle hybrid vehicle can inevitably count on Hyundai Ioniq. Ioniq is not only eco-friendly in term of its fuel, but it is sustainable concerning the material of interior stuff as well. The car also has features of all the latest hybrid plug-in models.

  1. Toyota Prius

Here we have another hybrid vehicle from Toyota which seems to be competing with Tesla. Toyota Prius is not much different from Toyota Camry in term if experience it offers to the user. The price of the vehicle begins from $23,450. The car’s features like long cargo hold, efficient fuel economy and updated with modern tools are what make it stand in the list of best hybrid vehicles 2018. The only difference between Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry Hybrid is that later has more rear space. If latest tech tools and large designs are to be ignored, then Toyota comes out to be one spot ahead in this list.

  1. Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord hybrid is another vehicle which is user-friendly, upscale in term of technology and fuel efficient. At least users who want a car which is energy saver and boasts an elegant design can look towards Honda Accord hybrid for their next sustainable personal vehicle. The car is an entirely new model for 2018 in term of design. It is an affordable vehicle but costs a little more than Toyota’s hybrid models. Its price begins from $25,000. Honda Accord is distinct for its sporty design, but it might be difficult to handle for specific users.

  1. Volkswagen E-Up

In the list of best hybrid cars 2018, Volkswagen E-up appears to be prominent for the customizability that it offers the users. It allows users to save fuel and adjust to the requirements with the help of driving modes which are normal, eco and eco-plus. The car also features an intuitive design with the latest technology. It has three pin plugs and takes a battery charging time of 12-15 hours. The car costs around $25,000 a figure which is roughly equal to what a hybrid model of Toyota costs.

  1. Honda Clarity

Honda clarity might not offer a ride as smooth as other best hybrid cars 2018 do, but it is indeed fuel efficient. The car has got all the features which are essential for the latest hybrid model. Its price starts with $33,400.

  1. Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford fusion hybrid comes at an affordable price of $25,000 app. It has upscale features and supports and spacious cabins. The car also boasts all those infotainment systems which are an attribute of such models. Further, it also offers easy handling, but Ford Fusion Hybrid model doesn’t come with many changes as of 2018.

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