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Liz Truss Memes Rule the Internet After Historic Resignation in the UK

Liz Truss’s resignation as the prime minister of the United Kingdom has spawned hilarious memes on the internet. The shortest-serving PM has been the subject of various memes and jokes since taking office on September 6. Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth died just 2 days after Truss became PM, which halted all political business in the UK for 10 days. Then within her first month, she introduced radical economic policies, causing the local currency to fall historically against the dollar. Many began questioning the UK’s economic status among the world powers. As the face of the UK, most backlash fell upon Truss, who apologized for making matters worse with her policies before resigning. Trolls took the opportunity to share Liz Truss memes and have some fun at the expense of the former PM.

Liz Truss Memes Are Running Wild

There was a storm of dark jokes about the Queen’s death after Liz Truss was appointed the PM. However, such jokes seem to have evolved out of the danger zone. Lately, people have been highlighting how there was only one Elizabeth ruling the country for ages. Then Liz was elected as the PM and made it 2 Elizabeths, as her full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss. However, the Elizabeth square was short-lived as the first one passed away on September 8. The following graph explains the situation perfectly.

Things that Lasted Longer Than Liz Truss

Countless memes talk about various things that lasted longer than Liz Truss in 10 Downing Street. Some joked about Liz spending more time in the Tory leadership race than as a PM. Others brought up reality TV contestants who were able to stay in the competition for more than 45 days. Even hard cheese was mentioned as something that improved with age, unlike Truss’s tenure. Even Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’s wedding, which lasted only 72 days, was longer than the reign of 2022’s second UK PM. More embarrassingly, lettuce which became a global phenomenon a week ago has finally defeated Liz Truss.

British tabloid Daily Star set up a live webcam to check if Liz Truss would outlast the 10-day shelf-life of an iceberg. The vegetable was dressed in a blonde wig, with googly eyes and a wide mouth. It turned out that Truss resigned before the lettuce could go bad.

Making Fun of Music Choice

Liz Truss memes also recognized her taste in music. As she was a huge Taylor Swift fan, the singer’s fans noticed an anomaly in the timing. They joked that Truss left her busy job to listen to Swift’s upcoming album. Even British media made a montage of Liz Truss with Swift’s song ‘Blank Space’, saying it was her favourite song.

10 Downing Street as a Short Stay Hotel

The UK is looking to elect its third Prime Minister in the same year, causing people to laugh. They have been questioning if there was a revolving door attached to 10 Downing Street, allowing PM candidates to come and go as they please. Some said it was like a Bread and Breakfast, where guests come to stay and relax for a little while.

Exceeding Low Expectations

There were not many expectations from Truss anyway from the start. Critics already knew her appointment as a PM would be further catastrophic for the Tories, who have yet to come up with a credible leader. Their candidates for the next PM again include the disgraced Boris Johnson, which critics hailed as a bigger disaster than Truss. Meanwhile, the public looks like it would keep on having fun with the Liz Truss memes. Here is one, using an old protest placard as a way to express feelings.

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