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Twitter Users Mourn the Death of Logic as Race 3 Trailer is Out

The wait of Salman Khan fans is over as Race 3 trailer is finally out. The action-packed trailer of upcoming Bollywood thriller is proving to be a source of an ultimate entertainment even for the non- Salman Khan fans.

Twitter Users’ Reaction Over Race 3 Trailer

Whether Race 3 succeeds in smashing the box office record like Tiger Zinda Hai, one of the 7 highest grossing films of Bollywood or not is the question of future. At present, the Twitter trolls on Race 3 trailer are saying it all about what fans are missing the most. And, it is nothing but an absence of logic and a lack of script; something which is characteristic of a Salman Khan movie.

Here is how Twitter users trolled the Race 3 trailer.

And, this Twitter user exploited all his knowledge about biology and physics to criticize the logic in the movie trailer.

How come this universal Sunil Grover meme couldn’t have fit the situation this well.

Salman Khan recently made headlines for getting convicted in blackbuck poaching case. The actor has a massive fan following despite the fact that his acting skills and script of the films he has worked for has remained a subject of harsh criticism.

In the following Twitter meme, this user has aptly pointed to what reflects in the Race 3 trailer.

Race 3 As Combination of All the Bollywood Action Movies

According to reports, Salman Khan says that Race 3 is going to be a musical action bonanza. The film will have elements of music, action, and emotion. But, it is the action that seems to have dominated the film. At least this is what we can assume from the trailer.

There was also a criticism on the acting skills of Salman Khan and Jaqueline Fernandez acting. Nothing can be used to better describe the situation than the popular ‘Floor is’, meme.

The Cast of Race 3

Race 3 is like most of the Salman Khan’s films is all set to release on June 15, 2018, on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr. Movie’s cast includes Ranbir Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and Bony Deol in important roles. The film marks the come back of Boby Deol, who looks much like Salman Khan in term of physical appearance.

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