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London City Airport Closes After Discovery of WWII Bomb

More than seven decades have passed since the horrific World War II took place, but the event is still creating the emergencies. In a recent incident, the discovery of an unexploded World War II bomb by construction workers, near river Thames, led to closing down of the London City Airport.

Closure of London City Airport

London City Airport has been closed down due to the discovery of a buried and unexploded World War II bomb near river Thames at King George V dock. According to reports, workers at the construction site near London City Airport found the device at 5 AM on Sunday. Metropolitan Police along with Royal Navy is working to remove the bomb. Meanwhile, the airport has been closed for passengers, and all the flights have been canceled, on account of public safety.

The respective authorities have also implemented a 214m exclusion line at King George V dock as part of the developmental work. Operations to remove the bomb is underway by the Royal Navy. Purpose of implementing the exclusion zone is to “ensure that ordnance can be safely dealt with while limiting any risk to the public,” CNN quoted the Met Police.

Alternate Options for Passengers

Reports suggest that a total of 261 flights were scheduled on London City Airport. But, all of them have been canceled. Few airlines have also offered the other terminals to their passengers. The carriers like Cityjet and Alitalia have been moved to the alternate airports like Southend and Stansted. Officials have also asked the passengers to not to travel through London City Airport and contact their respective airlines.

This is the second time in the recent months when Londoners are facing difficulties with air travel for any reason. Earlier, Citizens had faced travel delays due to snow at various airports in the UK.

London City Airport

Location of London City Airport

London City Airport is located in East London. It is smaller in size than Heathrow Airport. The airport facilitates the business flights to the UK, the US and Europe. Airlines, like Cityjet, British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, and Flybe conduct their operations through London City Airport. Royal Docks, including the King George V dock, are the location for airport’s runways. The areas were much of much industrial and commercial significance during the World War II, due to its importance in trade through river Thames.

Last year, two World War II bombs were found; one in Birmingham and other in Bristol Channel. Earlier in January two World War II shells were found on a building site in Warrington. Authorities had detonated them in a controlled explosion while evacuating the nearby properties to avoid any loss.

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