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Fans Love the Trailer for Loot Case and Are Eager To Watch It

The trailer for loot case is out and has fans all excited to watch it. The movie stars Kunal Khemu who is considered one of the most versatile actors.

Loot Case Plot

We all have problems in our lives; imagine one day out of the blue the solution to all your problem comes forth what you will do? Well like any average person you will take it and hope to start living a tension free life.

Similarly, the trailer of loot case shows a family that is financially struggling to make ends meet. The father played Kunal get nagged continuously by his wife and kids. To add salt to injury, his wife and child under any circumstances are not willing to reduce their leisure spending spree.

Then one day he somehow mistakenly gets his hand on red suitcase that is loaded with money. Initially, he goes into a state of shock and decides not to tell his wife and kids anything. Unfortunately for him, the suitcase belongs to a corrupt politician name MLA Patil played by Gajraj Rao who is furious and angry. Using his power and influence, he orders a police officer name Inspector Kolte played by Ranvir Shorey to recover the suite case by all mean necessary. After that, all hell breaks loose inspector Kolte searches high and low for the suitcase. He eventually finds the father and retrieves the suitcase.

Release Date

The movie has been directed by Rajesh Krishnan and is set to be released on 11th October 2019.

Fans Reaction

Fans are loving the trailer and can’t get enough of it. They are lining up to buy the tickets already and can’t wait for the movie to get released.

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