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Who Is Lord Nazir Ahmed and How Is He Related to Pakistan

Lord Nazir Ahmed has announced retirement from the House of Lords, after facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. The Conduct Committee of the house recommended to expel the repetitive offender at such high position. 

According to report by committee, this time he sexually assaulted a vulnerable woman who asked him for help. He has become the first person, who parliament recommended to expel. However, he quit before that could happen.

Who Is Lord Nazir Ahmed?

Nazir Ahmed was the first Muslim member of the Lords and served in the parliament for 21 years. He was born in Azad Kashmir and later moved to the United Kingdom. He joined the Labor party in his teenage years but resigned in 2013 after being suspended from the party.

Nazir Ahmed has been advocating for the independence of Indian occupied Kashmir and supporting the stance of Pakistan on this issue.

According to a UK based finance monitor, his total net worth is equal to 227,400 GBP (302,077 USD).

He has been a life-long critic of the policies by Indian government that particularly affects the autonomy of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He held numerous protests in London against the novel article 370 by Indian government that killed the rights of Kashmiri citizens.

He is widely criticized for pretending as a Kashmiri crusader and in reality, using his position to sexually exploit Kashmiri women.

Why Did He Resign?

He resigned from the House of Lords on 14th November after being found guilty of another sexual harassment. Reportedly, he exploited a young woman who came to him for help in 2017.

Conduct Committee said in the report that he breached the code of conduct by failing to act on his personal integrity. Tahira Zaman a woman that he exploited filed the complaint.

She was seeking his help to make a complaint to the Metropolitan Police about one faith healer. She believed that the faith healer was financially and sexually exploiting men and women. 

Series Of Sexual Misconducts

The development occurred after several women of Kashmiri-origin accused Nazir of exploitation using the power given to him by the position of a parliamentarian. Conduct Committee submitted a 300-page long report to describe sexual misconducts of Nazir.

One victim complained that Nazir initially made an unnecessary sexual contact with her and later promised to use his influence to help her but in reality he just wanted to have sex with her.

While Lord Nazir Ahmed’s crime was personal Indian people are now using this moment to discredit his political standing on the Kashmir issue.

Response From The Ex-Lord

Nazir did not directly deny having sex with all those women but dismissed the report saying that it was based on flawed and unfair investigation. He added that the allegations against him were not true and he will take it to European Court of Human Rights for justice.

The Commissioner concluded that Nazir did not co-operate with the investigation as required by the Code of Conduct and attempted to discredit Zaman’s evidence by denial and dishonesty.

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