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L’Oreal’s Is Not First to Cast Hijab-Wearing Model in Shampoo Ad

By making a smart move, L’Oreal has featured a Hijab-Wearing Model in its new hair campaign. Cosmetic brand’s new advertisement for its hair products casts the British model and blogger Amena Khan as a Hijab-Wearing Model.

Soon the campaign went on-air, it got the attention of media for its nature of targeting a diverse audience from different religious and racial backgrounds. The idea is great for hitting new market segments.

But, is it also a unique one? Is L’Oreal the first ever brand to feature a Hijab wearing model in any of its ad campaign for hair products?

Has L’Oreal’s Made History by Featuring a Hijab-Wearing Model?

Media outlets, who might be writing sponsored articles, have wrongly highlighted that L’Oreal has made history for featuring a Hijab-Wearing Model in the advertisement of a hair product. The brand might have done this for the first time. In the past, many cosmetic brands have featured hijab wearing models for advertising their products. Yes, those companies might not be well known as of L’Oreal.

Just take the example of Sunsilk, a shampoo brand that featured Pakistani model Ayan Ali in its hair-campaign. In Pakistan, a growing number of women and young girls are wearing the Hijab. Sunsilk took the lead for conveying the message that hijab doesn’t bar from taking care of hair. The Women who wear hijab have special needs for grooming their hair and making them look more radiant.

Motive behind L’Oreal to Feature a Hijab-Wearing Model

The said advert of L’Oreal features the models from a diverse background. L’Oreal is trying to convey the message that every woman, doesn’t matter, where she is coming from, needs to groom her hair as part of personal care. It is also trying to debunk the myth that women who wear the Hijab don’t need to spend time on their Hair as they keep them covered. It is a fact, that enclosed hair require particular attention for their grooming. So, the motive behind the L’Oreal’s new campaign is to target the new market of Muslim consumers which are growing not only in Europe, US and rest of the world.

Brands Targeting Muslim Consumer Base

Religion has a significant impact on the lifestyle of people who follow it. Islam which is the second dominant religion in the world is expanding at a rapid pace. In the same manner number of women who wear the hijab is also increasing. So, brands are coming up with innovations and ideas to target this new consumer segment. Earlier, Nike also introduced Hijab for Muslim athletes. The advertisement campaign featured the hijab-wearing model Halima Aden. In the modern times, companies are prone to use the niche marketing for targeting a particular segment. Growing number of the Muslim population is spurring the growth of Halal Economy.

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