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Chicago Elects Lori Lightfoot Its First Ever Black Female Mayor

Former federal prosecutor Lori Lightfoot is set to become Chicago’s first black female mayor. After winning with a vast majority of votes, Lightfoot will take oath on the 20th of May and assume the position of mayor.

Who Were The People Lori Lightfoot Campaigned Against?

Lori Lightfoot started her campaign when a white police officer shot and killed a black teenager named Laquan McDonald. She took this incident to heart and launched her reform Chicago campaign. She was amongst the 14 candidates who ran for the mayor’s position.

Her opposition included prominent leaders like Toni Peckwinkle who served in Chicago for 19 years before becoming cook county board president. Like many Toni too felt Lori would never win, while talking to the media Peck said that making promises is easy practically implementing them is hard. Lightfoot unlike him does not have the relevant experience required to run as mayor

He further continued to say that this is not an entry-level job. During her entire campaign Lori continued to highlight how the lower-income class had been neglected and how corruption spread through town hall. The political elitis have ignored the poor and neighborhoods for too long. They pour money into the city centers and hence improve their living standards while neglecting all other .

Public’s Perception of Lori Lightfoot

Joyce Ross, 64 certified nursing assistant while talking to the media, said that reason I voted for her was because her message resonated with me. The points she raised are the problem that many people like me face

I believe she can restructure the police department and curb the crime said, Ross. She Further said Preckwinkle’s association with Alderman Ed Burke, who was indicted earlier this year on charges he tried to shake down a restaurant owner who wanted to build in his ward, disturbed her.

While Truly Gannon, a 39-year old mother of four who works as a dietitian while talking to the media states that she was not bothered with Preckwinkle’s association with Alderman Ed Burke .She voted for him based on her experience.

She further said that she felt the Lori was not the right person for the job.

When Will Lori Take Oath For Mayor

Lightfoot will take her oath as mayor on the 20th of May in town hall next month. After assuming her post as mayor, she will join the ranks of other black women who are faithfully serving their country as mayors in prominent cities around the US.

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